Live Yankee Chat: Wednesday 5 p.m.

Live Yankee Chat: Wednesday 5 p.m.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012



John M said...

Canseco calling someone else bottom feeders.

Does that mean he is in danger of being eaten? Maybe that's why he's so upset.

el duque said...

It's not like they won the World Series.

Alibi Ike said...

And he would know.

el duque said...

I still remember him taking three straight pitches down the middle for us in the World Series.

Still, his wife did beat Roger Clemens' wife in the boob contest they held during the infamous pool party, where they supposedly talked about juicing.

SanJoseKid said...

Generous of Jose to share his roid rage with us. Why was I under the impression he had gone through some form of rehab? Roid rage rules, buddy. Thrill us again, Jose.