Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cue Diane Sawyer? (Hick) The media hash declared Tronno winner inna big tray wit Miammmi (Hick) but the plays haven been counned

Whazzit? I dunno. General react to the Tronto-Mimmy mega-deal is that it's a vickory for the Canadians, but hahahahaa, the precincts haven't even been counted! Wait. Who put that exclammation point on that sentence? George, did you do thah?

The names on the baseball cards certainly look more impressive for Toronto, but I dunno. Sometimes, a deal is not what it seems.

The morning after we traded Jesus Montero for Michael Pineda, the media was calling Cashman a genius.

Right now, the trade is obscured by everybody's primal need to vilify the Miami ownership. That's the story line of the day: Horrible owners. They built that Monstrosity Field. They hired obnoxious Ozzie. They made Hanley Ramirez a diva. They overpaid for Jose Reyes. They traded Hanley Ramirez. They fired obnoxious Ozzie. Now they've fired Jose Reyes. Insufferable! Disgrace! There oughta be a law.

Listen: I hate owners as much as anybody. But when I look at that deal, Toronto has given up some fine young talent. I figured the Blue Jays would be next year's Orioles. All they needed was another year toward the median age peak. We'll see. But I'd count the votes before declaring a winner.

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John M said...

I saw the crawl on the MLB Network last night and thought, 'I wonder if this is going to work for either of those teams?'

Is there a betting line on this in Vegas? At some bookie in Syracuse? How about Schenectady?