Friday, November 16, 2012

"My Fair Yogi?" Suggested titles for Broadway play about the Yankees

The Midtown buzz today is the Yankee Broadway play which supposedly will open next year. (Hey, they did one for Billy Joel; why not Billy Martin?) But it's hush-hush, just like Brian Cashman's plans for right field. Nobody knows, and nobody's talking.


So here are the best bets for titles of the Broadway musical about the icons of Yankeehood.

Fiddler on the Ruth
How to Succeed in Boston Without Really Trying
Kiss Me, Kai
Hello, Joba!
La Cash aux Follies
The Book of Munson
Bye Bye Bruney
The Sound of Murcer
Grandy, Get Your Gun
Little Shop of Errors
Jeter Christ Superstar
Les Swisherables
The Full Torre
The Best Little Wheelhouse in Teixeira

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Fourth Game
Man of La Mantle

(UPDATE: Check out John M's picks in comments)


John M said...

161 St.
Way Upper East Side Story
A Boras Line
Sunday in the Park with George's Kids

Buhner's Ghost said...

The Boss and I
Phantom of the Clubhouse
The Gandy Man
My Fair Billy
Pal Joe G.
Little Ship of Errors
Look Homeward, A-Rod
Damn Yankees Redux

Buhner's Ghost said...

I forgot about Mantle of La Mancha.