Sunday, November 18, 2012

Today's Moment of Faith: Message in a bottle found by Plattsburgh woman: Go Yankees

Friends, gather around the radio for today's ray of hope, courtesy of the Plattsburgh Press-Republican:

Lynne Layman was walking along Lake Champlain with a friend when she saw a green bottle on the shore. Inside was a message...

Yes, a note. It was written by three children, two weeks earlier. It was protected by a cork.  It included hand-drawn pictures, including one of a peace sign. It told of hopes and dreams. It conveyed the spirit of youth and the all-enduring passion of children everywhere. The message ended this way:

"Whenever you find this, if the Buffalo Bills are still a team, I hope they win the Super Bowl. Go Yankees.

Friends... at times, we all get down on our Yankee team. We start thinking of life as just another Swisher October, and we view every transaction as Jesus-for-Pineda, Austin Jackson for Grandyman. Oh, yes... it's easy to feel depressed and out of sorts. 

But when that happens, I hope you'll remember this story... and go looking for your own bottle, with your own message inside it.

Yes, friends... Somewhere out there, a bottle is waiting, just for you. Yes, you. It has a personal note, written in an ancient language no longer spoken, and the only way to learn that language is to pop the cork and check out the contents.  

Today, if the Yankee news is not what we want - if other teams are signing all the free agents, while we just keep losing players - look to the bottle. And if you find it, learn its truth. And if necessary, look for another bottle. And another.  It's out there, my friends.  The bottle is waiting... 

Go Yankees.


John M said...

I found one! On the outside, it just looked like a typical bottle with the words 'Knob Creek' on the label. But inside, it said 'Hi, I'm 80 proof and will help you celebrate if the Yankees manage to get this gang of half-assed clowns and aging last-gaspers into the Series! And if they don't, I will help you drown your sorrows for an entire winter (if you find a number of like bottles like me at your local alcoholic beverage store)!'

Youthful exuberance is a wonderful thing. According to the label, this Creek sender is only 12 years old!

el duque said...

The truth is in there.