Sunday, November 18, 2012

Neighbor: Living next to A-Rod sucks

A-Rod just can't catch a break. This from the Miami Herald:

If it weren’t for a steady parade of visits from the likes of film director Michael Bay, supermodel Candice Swanepoel, and television personality Simon Cowell, living next to Alex Rodriguez might be pleasant. At least, that’s how his Miami Beach neighbor tells it. Since the Yankees slugger built a nine-bedroom mansion on tony North Bay Road last year, his home has been the site of everything from an episode of X Factor to a Victoria’s Secret commercial. Late last month, E! Entertainment used the home for a Kardashians’ photo shoot.
A-Rod's next door neighbor says there oughtabeea law about that stuff.

“I love my neighbor. He’s a great guy,” said Irwin Friedman, a retired plastics manufacturer. “I just don’t agree with him renting his property out to make money on a commercial enterprise.”

Friedman tried to get A-Rod to limit appearances from film crews. Didn't work. So in February, one week after Bay showed up to direct a Victoria’s Secret commercial, Friedman’s attorney fired off a letter to the city requesting tighter restrictions on commercial shoots.

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