Thursday, November 15, 2012

Feeling Better Now

When I first heard of the deal made by the Blues Jays, I became a bit unruly.  Needless to say, a bender followed from which I am now emerging.

I realize now we should all be happy.

The guys the Blue Jays got for nothing are much too young to be Yankees.  I mean, we didn't sign Torri Hunter because he was only going to be 37, right?

In addition, and this is the real story; Miami could not find a single Yankee prospect, much less 7, with whom they had the slightest interest.  We could have let them pick any 20 guys they wanted, from any level, and we would still have had a one-sided deal, even if we only got one of the professionals traded north of the border.

Instead, we are throwing the dice that Andy comes back ( he is a perfectly aged "vet" pitcher for us and will surely have stamina and good legs through April), and Kuroda who, on official records, is just now pushing 40.  On Japanese records, Kuroda's CV shows a whole different history.  Let me just say, he was one of their youngest enlistees in WWII.

So our strategy looks pretty flawless.  We are going to hold the line at $187 million so the Hal and Hank brothers don't have to pay a luxury tax.  Just like in their personal lives.

Meanwhile, the Yankees just stay the course, drop a few of the younger guys, and load up on, "another year and another lost step, another slowed bat speed, another few miles off the fastballs," and stand our ground. And aren't we all salivating at the prospect of, "compensatory draft picks" if someone signs, Swisher, Sori, et al?

An early prediction;  Sori signs with Boston.

I read that Marriott is now breaking ground on a leisure village near the Tampa spring training site and I can stay there with Andy, Arod and some of the other guys.

 Paula Broadwell promises to do cabaret there, and Jill Kelly will make meat balls.

Life is good.

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