Friday, November 16, 2012

I Could Be Screwed

Many of you know that my diet lacks some qualities recommended by the medical community.

My most frequent beverages are manhattans and beer. And my most common meal comes in plastic.

Today, I was informed that the source of my most consumed food and snack, at any hour of the day, may be going out of business.

I have consumed this American meal faithfully through every Yankee season, and all world series wins, since I was 10.

Can't we send them money or something?

Is this another curse imposed by the now bearded Cano and the other failures of last month?

Is it because we traded Jesus?

This does not bode well for next season.  Not at all.


John M said...

Yankees buy Hostess, make them offficial snack cakes of the New York Yankees, sell Twinkies at the stadium for $15 a package. Maybe a little more for Ring Dings.


Alphonso said...

Perfect. Please call Hal &Hank. It would not count under the salary cap, either!