Monday, November 19, 2012

YES WE CAN: Miracle Yankees named 2012 MLB "Club Retailer of the Year"

Sales over! Season over! They did it! The Yankees win the retailer! The Yankees win the retailer! I don’t believe this! I do not believe this! They’re going crazy in the gift shop! The Yankees win the retailer! Ladies and gentleman, the New York Yankees are the 2012 Retail Champions of Baseball! Ohhhh, doctor!

Yeah. Gotta feel good about this. I’m feelin’ SAUCY BIG. I’m feelin’ MEAT BLING. I’m feelin’ BEEF PRIDE. We are wearing the RETAIL CROWN. Hear that, Deetroit Tigers? Yankee swag RULES! Nobody wants your Halo cap, Angels. They want pinstripes. They want dirt from our old stadium, not yours, Miami. They want Yankee logo merch. That means cigarettes for Hank. Turtlenecks for Hal. Horses. Toys for the horses.

Check this out, Kansas City. According to the news release:

The Yankees and Legends Hospitality, led by Legends’ GM of Retail, Michael Loparo, earned the honor based on significant improvements to the Yankee Stadium clubhouse store as well as consistent product innovation and reinvention.

The team is also said to be planning exciting new products for 2013, such as:
George Herman Roots, "Organic turnips that pack a punch." 
Yogi Beera: "You ain’t drunk ‘till you’re drunk." 

Michael Kay-Mart: "See ya. . . there!" 
Giardi Bacardi Rum: "Go to the binders, and take the blinders."

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