Monday, May 6, 2013

By My Calculations....

If Jason Nix didn't either hit a foul ball pop up caught by an infielder, or strike out, with Yankees in scoring position, we would have already won 6 more games instead of lost them.

This guy should never be allowed to hit at an important moment in a game.  His .200 BA was built by two out singles, with no one on, in games that were either already won or lost based upon unbalance scores.

So not only did he cost us Mariano last year, but his inability to hit is costing us games.

At least we will know, by the end of this year, that he is not a prospect.

Oh.  We already knew that.

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Suzyn Waldman said...

Well, I HAVE distracted Jayson occasionally, waving articles of lingerie at him from the broadcast booth. Pooh on you, Alphonso. I may not be a smart girl, but I know what love is!