Thursday, May 16, 2013


1.  I think I previously offered the idea that this Yankee team might just get worse as each injured
" star " returns.

Case in point:  The first to return was Granderson.  He promptly killed a rally by grounding into a DP in his first at bat.  Exactly what he did last fall in the playoffs, when he wasn't striking out.

Last night, he nearly did it again, only there was no rally imminent.  His defense has been mediocre, and his presence in the line-up has changed the chemistry for the worse.

2.  While happy to see Romine get some major league work, there is the one, over-riding problem;  he can't hit.

 By and large, his swings are laughable.  And his batting eye is not that of Swisher or Overbay, it is closer to that of Ryne Duren.  Most times, he just stands there and takes three strikes

3.  Great foresight on the Yankees part bringing up another no name pitcher to give us 108 pitches in relief of Phil Hughes.  Unfortunately, it took our recently acquired shortstop to get the last batter out.

And let's give thanks to that Seattle batter who, by the way,  took a nothing swing to end the embarrassment.  He accepted our white flag at his own expense.  Classy.

4.  I repeat: this Yankee team will deteriorate in direct proportion to the return and playing time of the
injured " superstars" now on the DL.  Derek being the only exception.  Because he is still a star, and the others are not.

5.  Critical game tonight.  Or today.  When do they play?

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