Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chien-Ming is staying a Yankee, but by May 31, Wang's dang due.

According to reports, Wang could have jumped ship today, exercising an "out" clause in his Yankee contract.

Ponder this: He threw a solid seven innings yesterday, impressing every scout in the majors. If he wanted to, Wang could use last night's game to wheedle a new deal from somebody.

Seven innings of ground ball outs. What team in baseball doesn't need pitching? You think the Mets wouldn't call? The Redsocks?

His next "out" clause is May 31. That's four, maybe five starts at Scranton.

By then, we'll have gotten a full taste of David Phelps and Ivan Nova as fifth starters. By then, who knows what the verdict will be on Vidal Nuno... and even Dellin Betances will either have restored himself as a starter or be in the bullpen.

May 31. But I'm betting two more starts like last night, and Cash will pull the trigger on Chien-Ming. Phelps has proven he can handle long relief - (maybe better than he handles starting) - and I think Nova's act is running light on believers.

May 31... the day Wang's dang due.


manx said...

Anyone catch the call for Ben Francisco's HR?

el duque said...

Michael Kay called it a Ben Francisco treat.

J. Lam said...

Ben Francisco, he opened his golden gate and hit one into the left field seats. Hey, it's a Ben Francisco treat!

KD said...

But does Michael Kay really matter?

Alphonso said...

Phellps is good in long relief if you have already conceded the game.

He always gives up runs at the rate of about one per inning. Even if he pitches three shut-out innings, he'll give up 3 or 4 somewhere.

Nova's act is waning, isn't it?

Let's give Wang a shot when Novo goes in for surgery, which will be scheduled after his next bad start.