Friday, May 24, 2013

If you're scoring the Jesus Montero situation at home...

Former savior Jesus Montero hit 4 HRs for the Yankees and 18 for Seattle: Thus, 22 percent came in a Yankee uniform.

Of his 83 career RBIs, 12 - that's 15 percent - came with the Yankees.

He batted .328 for the Yankees, .252 for Seattle.

Still, Jesus remains the ripe old age of 23. If he were still a Yankee, he would be the youngest player on the team by about a year.

He would be the youngest position player on the Scranton roster.  (Brett Marshall and Mike Montgomery, pitchers, are younger.)

Jesus would be the third youngest catcher at Double A Trenton, behind JR Murphy and Kyle Higashioka. Six Trenton players overall are younger than Jesus.

If he were at High Single A, Jesus would be looking old. Twenty players on the Yankees Tampa roster are younger than he, most notably Gary Sanchez - age 21 - who, for better or worse, is often described as the next Jesus Montero.

Sanchez is currently hitting .280 with 8 HRs at Tampa.

Technically, Sanchez is running behind Jesus - who at age 19 played at both Tampa and Trenton, hitting a combined 17 HR and batting about .330.

But Jesus is now moving in the wrong direction. Sanchez is in line for a promotion, perhaps this season.

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