Monday, May 13, 2013

It's Yankee Rookie Starter Day in America, the rare day when the Yankees start a pitcher up from the farm - just to see what will happen

The international man of mystery, Vidal Nuno, takes the mound today in the doubleheader against Cleveland.

Nuno pitched two weeks ago in relief, hurling two shutout innings, although some balls were hit so hard they bounced off the walls, and the outfielders threw out runners trying to take extra bases. Haven't seen him since. But his cholesterol count looked great in Scranton, and the guy throws strikes - at least he did before sitting in the toaster oven for two weeks.

Once every season, the Yankees start a rookie pitcher from their farm system, just to see what will happen. It's like kids dropping firecrackers into manholes. It'll probably wind up with somebody in trouble, but, hey - it's fun.

Last year, it was Adam Warren. He lasted two innings. In 2011, Hector Noesi won the honor. The list of sacrificial lambs - I mean, Yankee luminaries - includes Willie Banks, Sam Militello, Clay Christienson, Jim Deshaies, Alfredo Aceves, Kei Igawa, Sean Henn, Jeff Karstens, Alex Graman, Jorge De Paula, and Brandon Claussen. It extends back to Gil Blanco in 1965. And don't get me wrong: You don't develop pitchers unless you give the ball to a rookie now and then. That list also includes Andy Pettitte, Chien-Ming Wang, Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes.

Still, it is a special day - a rare moment in the Yankiverse - when a Yankee rookie pitcher starts. It's like that scene in the Lion King when Simba is hoisted above his father's arms, for the animal kingdom to cheer.

Let us celebrate Vidal Nuno Day in the Yankiverse. Who knows what will happen? And hakuna mutata, everybody!


Hermodorus said...

All hail Nuno.

I hope others heard yesterday, when The Master asked Suzyn if she'd ever seen Ichiro with his shirt off...ah, the stuff of radio gold!

el duque said...

What inning did he say that? Do you remember who was batting? I'll get it.

KD said...

I loved that part in the Lion King where all the little prey animals lined up for the honor of being eaten by the top predators. It’s like the Yankees offering up these rookies before they are ready. What you say? That’s not in the movie?? WTF did the lion king eat? Grubs??

Hermodorus said...

7th inning or later? I lost track of the game momentarily. Suzyn was positively tickled, but admitted she "wasn't sure where [he] was going" with the question.

Tex Message said...

I had just tuned in when he said it, so I am thinking 8th inning. It was super awkward. Even Suzyn was like, "I am waiting to see where you are going with this..."

Suzyn Waldman, whose siren song is irresistable said...

No, not without the shirt. But I HAVE seen him without the trousers! And with Jayson Nix piling on, too. Yankee tandems come in threes, remember?

Anonymous said...

Who keeps messing with your poll? that thing is nuts!

Mustang said...

Blogger polls have been unreliable for some time. I think it adds to their mystique. But maybe we should use polls through another service.