Thursday, May 9, 2013

So much for Denver

Two out of three? Far out! A-one, and a-two...

Well the biggest team payroll never did me no harm,
A signin' me a pitchin' staff, don't raise 'em on a farm! 
We don't even flinch at twenty million for an arm.
Thank God I'm a Yankee fan!

When the game's near done and the sun's settin' low,
I wave out to the bullpen and say, "Hey, go get 'em, Mo!"
John's up in the booth, yelling "Robbie, doncha know!"
Thank God I'm a Yankee fan!

I'd sign Doc Goodens all day if I could,
But mean old Bud Selig wouldn't take it very good,
So we got Vernon Wells though nobody thought we should.
Dear God, I'm a Yankee fan.

Well, I got me a fine team, I got me old fiddle
I got six stars in Tampa, each one a little brittle,
Pretty pretty soon will have Grandy in the middle...
Thank God I'm a Yankee fan.


Alphonso said...

I would like you to supplement this piece with a video of you singing these lyrics.

Many thanks from Yankeeland.

The Oracle at Delphi said...

When Vernon Wells plays the Hot Corner, then shall the Yankees slip past Baltimore and Boston, and into First Place. The Oracle has spoken.

Nostradamus di Syracusa said...

It is done. First Place.