Monday, May 13, 2013

Yankee History In Game One Today?

With Pukilis on the 60 -180 day DL, I have been able to watch Yankee games again.

Today, game one in Cleveland, I saw what might be the worst line-up ever slated by the Yankees.  This is the history making component of the story.

It was clear from the outset, that no one was going to get more than an occasional bunt single.  And we didn't.

Cano is tired.  He swung at the first pitch every time up.  He may have hit one of our single, but he put no pressure on the pitcher. Robbie is a great player, we know, and did not deserve to be out there with clown college.

Gardy and Ichiro also played because they had to.  Both need a break and it showed.  Gardy's did get a bunt single to go with three horrible at bats.  I think Ichiro hit 4 comebackers, and his average dropped about 30 points from his hot streak in KC.

It is really frustrating when you have to watch a team that is helpless.  And poor Phellps;  one mistake and he loses a well pitched game.

But the Yankees never had a chance in this game.  Not at all.  THey would have lost to a beer league team today.

I am pretty sure we lose two today.  This is tragic because we were killing the indians when we got rained out, and are now playing like zombies in these two make-up games.

Tonight, the team turns around for the west coast ( 3 at Seattle ) and then jets back to Toronto for three more.  Yikes.

If dick-head Granderson would at least come up to spell Wells, Ichiro and Gardy, a day each per week, I'd feel better about our chances.

But I think we could be about to swoon.  Big time.  Like lose 6 of 7, including a negative sweep today.

This really sucks.

It's not so bad if I have Yankee buddies to drink with.  Today, however, I am going solo.  Where are you guys?


Anonymous said...

In rehab, with the Great One.

el duque said...

Vidal Nuno.

That's all I've got to say.

DannyBoy said...

Did you watch game 2? 6 of 7 my ass..what do these guys have to do to get you to believe in them?

Tom said...

vidal nuno and cy young go together like peas and carrots.

Alphonso said...

I did watch game 2. If I praise them, they lose.

It is negative Ju-Ju.

Learn the rules,

bench suzuki said...

They are coming home, not going to Seattle. You are losing your credibility.

DannyBoy said...

fair enough.