Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dellin Betances starts over

Last night in Scranton, the eternal super-prospect Dellin Betances emerged from the bullpen and threw two scoreless innings, peaked at 97 on the radar, and walked only one batter. Only one. Been a long time since an appearance by Dellin Betances only produced one base on balls.

That's because Dellin didn't start. But maybe he started his second life. The first one died from a thousand cutlines - you know, the kind sports sections offer.

Frankly, at 26 - Colter Bean territory - it's hard to view Betances a prospect of  Ruben Riveraesque renown. It feels like we've been reading about him since the Eisenhower Administration. He was supposed to be matching bookend of homegrown Big Units (with Andrew Brackman), our Josh Johnson, the second tallest Killer B, which will make a great trivia question five years from now. (Let's see, Bed, Bath and Betances? Isrighausen, Pulsipher and Wilson, right?)

Well, he's been Jobaed to the bullpen. He's no longer the Official Future Ace of the New York Yankees (the WB Mason of farmhands). But, hey, you never know. These days, people get second chances these days. Despite that donkey-lady face, Gwynneth Paltrow seems to have done all right for herself. Chris Christie is down to 280. We're in first... with a starting lineup of reclamation projects: Lyle Overbay, Jason Nix, Chris Stewart, Chris Nelson and - frankly - Ichiro and Vernon Wells. This is the team of second chances. Hey, maybe it's not too late for my NBA career?

I don't know about you, but I was tired of Dellin Betances, the starter. I was sick of pitching lines that looked like tee-ball scores. Let us know behold Dellin Betances, the fire-throwing monster out of the bullpen. Keep chillin' Dellin. I got me a feeling about this: The Killer B's are not dead.


Alphonso said...

From McDonalds.

Dellin Betances said...

I need a couple of references for my resume, Alphonso. What's your phone number? If I get the job, come by and I'll slip you a Big Mac.

Leinstery said...

This isn't the first time he has worked in relief. There was one time when Babe Ruth started a game, but got ejected after one batter for arguing balls and strikes and Betances came in and retired 27 batters in a row. Isn't that amazing?

Alphonso said...

Dellin may get everyone excited at Scranton for a week or so but, in the end,he will never be any good in the major leagues.

It is like trying to train a giraffe to pitch.

He never can find an arm slot because some other long limb of his gets in the way, and throws him
off balance.

an annoyed Dellin Betances said...

Are you referring to my "karanga", Alphonso?

joe de pastry said...

Actually, the guy who walked got thrown out stealing, then he retired 26 in a row.