Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We are going to Colorado to play shorthanded

How does a $200 million team have no bench, whatsoever?

The next three nights, we may have to see Mariano play SS.

Our usual SS, Eduardo Nunez, is listed as day to day. He has a bad rib. That can be really tricky. If Eduardo can't play, it means Jason Nix takes the slot. And it means if he comes up in the late innings, we cannot pinch hit for him. 

Even Francisco Cervelli - our ridiculous backup SS - is gone.

We have Travis Hafner, a fulltime DH in a National League park - worthless. And our bench is Romine, Boesch and Ben Francisco.

Hafner can pinch hit for Gardner, Ichiro or Wells. What's the point?

This is crazy. Absolutely crazy. And one of these days, it's going to start costing us games.

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John Fogerty said...

Put me in coach