Wednesday, May 29, 2013

One Thing We No Longer Have To Fear

I used to worry that this scrappy, clutch, grinding group of misfits ( plus Cano ) would keep winning until the rich, regulars returned.

Now, we don't have that worry.

As the Yankees have started to regularly score only 1-2 runs per game, it becomes obvious that they aren't going to win much that way.  We are spiraling from the lead back into the pack.  And don't discount the likelihood that we lose the next two games, as well.

Personally, I am praying for rain.

This team's swoon is like diving into a swimming pool, as we are pass markers on the way down to meet Toronto on the way up.

Hence, when the rich and gimpy superstars return to the line-up, we no longer have to worry that they will make things worse.  It is no longer possible.  One run per game is one run per game.

As John says, " they all look the same in the newspaper."

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John M said...

But tonight we get a DH. And the short porch...oh, wait, we aren't the Bombers anymore. Maybe Cano.

Anyway, the pitching line for tonight's game:

Starting Pitchers
New York: Hefner (0-5, 4.76 ERA)
New York: Phelps (3-2, 3.96 ERA)

Barbi Benton should tell Hefner he's just too old to pitch, even in the NL. She used to have some integrity, along with a great figure and more specific pluses that I won't mention on a family blog.

On another note--and this not quite in the same league as the collapse of Jesus H. Montero:

'To make room for Morales, Alfredo Aceves was optioned back to Pawtucket after being credited with a victory in an emergency start Monday, a 9-3 win over the Phillies in which he allowed one run in six innings.'

Great job, Alfredo. You're demoted.