Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cashman Needs To Be De-Fanged

With appropriate apologies to all animals with fangs, our GM needs to have all his incisors removed
by plier.

He now is " armed to the teeth" to make another trade whereby we lose high potential, low cost players with plenty of undiscovered "upside," and we get in return huge, multi-year salary obligations tied to an aging ( at least 32-33 + in years ) mediocre performer.  Someone whom the other team has already deemed as, " of no long term use."

Last night, Cashman absolutely glowed when Greene had a fine debut.  His trade value just soared.

Package him with Murphy, that rising star second baseman ( of Korean ancestry ), Solarte and Greene, and there is surely another McCarthy out there with a 33 year old body and a 3-10 record.  Some below average pitcher, with a career ERA close to 5.0, who " always dreamed about becoming a Yankee ."

The truth;  they all dream that because of the money.  No other franchise is stupid enough to spend more on mediocrity than the Yankees. If you are old and pretty much finished with your baseball career, the Yankees will sign you for at least 3 years at your latest, and highest, salary.  Then, you can relax and do nothing.  Just look pained, when you strike out or bang into that double play.

What is it about Cashman that allows him to piss away the future, year after year, for a shot at the one-game play in?  Why is he blind to the reality that, without a commitment to re-building, we shall just be re-enforcing weakened stone walls doomed to deteriorate in a rapidly accelerating fashion?  The crash can last for a decade, easily.

Let's put it to a vote.  How many Yankee fans would trade the above mentioned 4 player package for another 7-9 starter?

By the way, what the Yankees really need is offense, not pitching.  Another  guy who gives up 2 runs in 6+ innings is a loser on the Yankees.  We almost never score 3.

If Cashman has teeth, we become the cavities.

Pull him out of his job.  Make him wait tables in Tennessee.


Not Anonymous said...

Maybe wait until he actually makes your proposed wretched trade before hanging it on him? Nuno for McCarthy is a straight upgrade and about as good of a trade as they could have made (even though it still won't make them a good team)

But yes I agree gunning for the 1 game play-in is not worth it, however he has yet to actually do anything to "piss away the future" this year, and there is plenty of evidence that the fear of ever conceding and retooling for a year is owner mandated anyway.

KD said...

Cashman needs to take responsibility for this mess. He's been in the job too long. Time to go. Even Cashman fan Mike Axisa has finally come to this realization.

Gil said...

How is McCarthy an upgrade over Nuno? He has a higher ERA (the third worst among MLB qualifying starters), is four years older, and is 24 times as expensive.

And at times Nuno has shown real promise--along with the hiccups one expects from a young pitcher. How is that not sacrificing the future?

Cashman is brain dead, and this deal was simply red meat thrown to equally brain-dead fans and daily sportswriters with their incessant bleat, "Do something!" So idiot Cashman does something . . . something stupid, AGAIN.

For a shrewd assessment of the front-office follies of the Yankees, see the following analysis on SB Nation:


Ken of Brooklyn said...

YES YES YES Alphonso!!!!!!
Stop this madness, stop pissing away the draft picks and start developing the players they already have.

How many seasons must this current model fail before the front office wises up??????

They're either saboteurs,,, or morons.

Not Anonymous said...

ERA is a bad stat that tells you absolutely nothing about future performance. Its 2014 you should know that by now.

Nuno's FIP and xFIP are straight up terrible, and we've seen him begin to fall apart.

Meanwhile McCarthy's underlying FIP is way better, and his xFIP is the 7th BEST in baseball!

Its reasonable to say he'll still give up more homeruns than his xFIP suggests, but even if we split the difference between FIP and xFIP we would get a ~3.5 ERA if everything breaks nicely. If we made the same adjustment for Nuno we could expect around ~4.75 ERA

If if it fails, using our current knowledge McCarthy has significant more upside than Nuno, and we gave up literally nothing at all. They bought low on a straight upgrade, and gave up nothing.

We know a few million dollars means nothing to this team so who cares as long as its not an albatross contract (its not). Its a not a Beltran or A-Rod or CC contract, its peanuts.

Gil said...

FIP can be useful, but so can observing long-term trends. Nuno has shown flashes of real talent, so his lapses are more likely to be the hiccups of a young pitcher on the rise than of a no-talent.

McCarthy, on the other hand, has a very heavy log of innings on his arm at age thirty, and his numbers have been steadily declining for four years--in all significant categories, including FIP. He's given up 131 hits in 109 innings this season--a red flag if there ever was one). To believe he will experience a sudden turnabout in pinstripes is typical Cashman stupidity.

I know you're not betting any real money on his success, so why are you selling this hogwash on the Internet? Most likely because it won't cost you anything when the inevitable DFA comes, way too late, sometime in August or September or March or April or whenever.

Meanwhile, with better coaching, Nuno, at 26, has enough stuff--Jimmy Key-type stuff-to be coachable into a significant upside--he has yet to reach his physical peak, whereas McCarthy is past his.

Age matters--it's the laws of biology. Cashman evidently opted out of his biology requirement in college.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

I had to google xFIP and after learning what it was, I found McCheese still xSUCKS.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

Reflecting further, has John Sterling ever uttered xFIP or, even heard of it either?

Alphonso said...

Last night:

Nuno threw 7 shutout innings and gave up 3 hits.

Tonight we'll get our first direct comparison with the older, far more expensive McCarthy.

I'm just saying.