Saturday, July 5, 2014

Farewell, C.C.

He's surely done for the season, maybe for keeps.

We have him for two more years, at $24 million per.

Until further notice, it's Whitney, Nuno and Phelps (oh my).


John M said...

I haven't wanted CC in the rotation if he was going to pitch like he did last year and this, but I was sad to hear he won't be back...maybe ever. It's been a terrible week or so. Between the Yankees' collapse (though expected, still crushing, like hearing that a beloved 98 year old relative has died) and the USA loss to Belgium (they coulda won; they coulda been a contender), I've been in a stupor--only partially from the heavy drinking. Now CC looks to have fallen prey to all those innings and all that weight he carried for so long.

These are the times that try men's souls. At least Mercury is out of retrograde, a small consolation in this period of multi-sport bereavement.

John M said...

My God, even Costa Rico lost. What a week.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

Further notice: not nuno. Just traded a pinto for a chevette.