Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Last One Out Of The Bar, Please Turn Out The Lights

Time to go home.  The USA men's soccer team lost, after a great fight.  And now the Yankees aren't fighting at all.

Once Kuroda gave up the lead-off homer, to make it a 2-1 game, we all knew it was over.  The Yankees, you see, can only score two on most nights.  That means, at best, a tie tonight,  extra innings, and a loss.

The math goes like this:  If we only score two, the best we can do is 2-2.  Eventually, Tampa will score another, and it will end.  It could take 16 innings, but we'll still only have 2 runs.

More likely, we only get the one run we have.  Scored because of a Tampa miscue.  Not an RBI.  Not because a Yankee hitter came through when needed.

So I'm leaving the bar.

You should all go home also.  Get some rest.

Losing both the soccer and another Yankee game is too much to take.

Good night nurse.

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