Thursday, July 10, 2014

Red Sox Turn Season Over To Rookies. Yanks Turn Theirs Over To Cashman.

The Red Sox have realized that their future is not the one-game, play-in offered by the MLB genius staffers.

They are having a, " we suck," year, are only able to get hot against the Yankees, and have turned in their chips for the season.  They will see what they have in young players for the next 80 games, fill some gaps during the off-season and compete for another championship. in 2015.

The Yankees, on the other hand, are going with the same strategies that have led to failure for the past 5 years;

1.  Overpay for big names whose talent lights have gone out.

2.  Sign these .217, no power hitters to long-term contracts, so that their ineptitude weighs down the franchise for years.

3.  Make it " the worst day of my life" for a young prospect to be traded to, or acquired by, the Yankees.  Because that player knows his future is blocked by an old slug, for years.

4.  Hang-on until A-Rod comes back so we have a real threat in the number 3 or 4 hole, and a permanent 3rd baseman.  Possibly extend his contract until age 50.

5.  Trade the few young prospects we have for old pitchers, who can give you 6 innings a game and an ERA over 4.34.

6.  Don't realize that what we lack more than anything is offense.  And we are starting to see a growing need for defense, as well.  Not even our old, non-hitting fielding specialists ( see Ryan ) are looking good with the glove.

7.  Burn out the arms of every quality pitcher we have ( see Tanaka,
Bettances, Warren, Kelly , Kuroda ).

8.  Play our 28 year old rookies who have been on 4-5 major league rosters already, and deemed failures.  See Solarte, see Wheeler, see the officer at the desk on your way out.

9.  Fail to notice the link between old players and the likelihood of injuries.

Here is my strategy for success;  Dump Cashman.

Start over.


Anonymous said...

Fake John M. says,
"I hear ya El Duque."

Alphonso said...

Who is El Duque?

KD said...

Until reading this post, I don't recall giving a moments thought to A-Rod in the last 2 months. But now I'm going to keep an eye on duque's spring training countdown in the upper left. Already looking forward to next year, I suppose.