Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Top 10 reasons to go see the Yankees at the Stadium this year

10. This season is your last chance to see El Capitan, Derek Jeter, in action!

9. A chance to see Masahiro Tanaka, AL Cy Young and MVP contender!

8. It's your chance to see other top stars like Ichiro Suzuki, Carlos Beltran, Mark Teixeira, C.C. ... actually, wait, scratch that.

I mean, Beltran's old and banged up, Tex is just banged up, Ichiro gives his all but is a shell of his former self, and CC, well, really, even if he was healthy, would you want to go see a game he was pitching? His ERA was, what, 5-something? I mean, really, you want to spot a team 5 runs with this offense?

But I digress. Back to the list

7. Actually, let's revisit No. 10. I mean, is this the Jeter you want to remember? If you've seen him at the Stadium before, that's the Jeet you want to keep in your mind. Younger, faster, with some real pop in his bat and with the confidence to know that the team he was playing on was a contender.

6. A chance to see some young, up-and-coming players, the future stars of the Yan ... OK, can't even make it through that one sentence. Young stars, really ... where?

5. Actually, let's revisit No. 9. I mean, seeing Tanaka would be great, but how maddening has it been lately to see him pitch great and lose. You know how many times Tanaka has allowed more than three earned runs in a game this year? Not once in 16 starts. Geez, give this guy and offense and he's be 16-0. His last two outings have been downright depressing, watching him pitch his heart out and come away with nothing.

4. Well, at least there is Yankee Stadium, filled with history and tradition and memories and ...

... oh, wait, that was the other Yankee Stadium, the one they tore down. I believe, though, that you can buy some of the concrete dust from the old Stadium at the Steiner Sports booth at the new place.

3. Well, there's no A-Rod this year. That's something, I guess.

2. ... Ah, forget it. Hey, Alphonso, when's the next Mexican Dirt League game?


dirtyoldman said...

Chance to see Meredith Marocketits in person.

Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

The best moment of the debacle du jour was at home, not in the stadium: bottom of the 7th, right after Beltran lobbed the bat into the stands, Kelly Johnson came up and with a close-up on his face as his stats appeared, Michael Kay said, “And here’s the reason the Yankees are losing this season: They cannot. Get. Hits.” Johnson, of course, struck out. Kay, at the end of the game: “Very simply put, they are playing Bad Baseball.”

A. Grumpus said...

I once saw Meredith Marokovitz in person--she was climbing the Empire State Building floor by floor, with Joe Girardi tucked 'neath her mighty bicep. He had the peaceful look of a contented cherub. She could not be slowed, even via bi-planes with gun turrets blazing . . .