Saturday, July 25, 2015

Banuelos gets whacked for first time

Don't get me wrong: Chasen Shreve has been a pleasure. But I didn't understand the trade then, and I'm still thinking it will prove a debacle.

Banuelos gave up 4 runs in 5 innings, watching his ERA balloon to 2.49. He's now 1-2 for the lowly Braves.


JM said...

Trying to understand the rationale of Yankees trades is like trying to understand the nature of the Holy Trinity, or how to explain the color red to a blind man, or why the game has 72 innings on Keplar 242b.

Yes, I'm beating the extraterrestrial horse to death, but it can't help it. I love the name, and it seems a better fit than Bizzaro baseball for what goes on in our front office.

Parson Tom said...

Banuelos, Hughes, Burnett.
Good thing we never needed any of those guys.

Leinstery said...

Easy el duque. Remember Shane Greene was the best pitcher in the league through his first three starts, then he remembered he was Shane Greene. This guy didn't inexplicably suck for what seems like 8 years in the minors. He just is inexplicably pitching well for the moment.

And John M, if you would like to understand the Trinity read Saint Augustine of Hippo's "The Trinity" he spent years trying to figure it out. I can't actually tell you if he did, I didn't pay attention in that class. Or email Father Joseph Leinhard of Fordham Universtiy and ask him, no one knows more about Saint Augustine than him.

And fuck Phil Hughes. His first 9 outs were all hard hit balls right at a fielder. He also lucked out on hard hit balls going just foul. He was not as good as he looked. I would take him pitching decently for the twins over watching him get 0-2 on everyone only to take 10 more pitches to put him away/give up another homerun. Fuck him and his potential.

But yeah, I miss A.J. too. Liked him even when he sucked.