Saturday, June 17, 2017

And What, or Whom, Shall We Pitch today?

Who wants to start this game?

Who wants to come in and hold the lead, if we get one?

Who wants the focus of attention today?

Who wants to depend on Mason Williams, Chris Carter, and Brigadoon to generate runs?

Who wants to watch Gardy take the first two pitches for strikes?

Who wants to watch Torreyes nub that first pitch back to the mound?

Who wants to watch Romine hit line drives to outfielders' gloves?

Who wants to watch Higorishika ( no idea ), again, fail to register a major league hit?

Who wants to lead the charge out of first place?

Who wants to elevate, then dash, our hopes and dreams?

Who wants to bring this dung back to fertilize our garden?

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