Sunday, June 4, 2017

Just Drifting Along

I have been criticized, lately, for laying off the Jacoby Ellsbury tale.

The reason for that is; we are better off without him.  And I reserve my darkest news for the
loss ( anticipated, actual or extended ) of players we want in the line-up.

Some sages have been mentioning that Aaron Hicks looks better in CF than Ellsbury.  That he is just as fleet, has a better arm, and covers the territory with confident ease.  He is also our most reliable hitter.

So the concussion ( on a phenomenal, gutsy play by doubt about that one, the guy gave up his body for a big out ) was more a blessing ( to the team, not to him ) than a curse.
That Jacoby's headaches have returned is not my doing.  He is a good guy.  The Yankees are just very well positioned with him in recovery mode.

Those head things are testy.  He will be another week, minimum.

I will grant that Gardy, and maybe even Judge, benefit from a day off now and then, and Jacoby has to be back playing for that to occur.  The hope was that the Yankees would give someone else a shot . Well, I guess the revisit of Refsnyder is to do that.  But that is a dead end road, sorry to say.

As to the future, I still get my tail feathers in a knot when I watch Tanaka labor.  I just wonder if that tendon is causing some weakness.   Tick.  Tock.

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John M said...

Everything is Jake without Jacoby. But then, everything was Jake when he was playing.

We can't seem to get beyond the 10-over-.500 mark. It's like Girardi has decided that's where we stay and he'll do anything to make sure of it.

Joe, a word of advice. Ty Clippard is a fine fellow, and a decent bullpen pitcher. But he isn't your 8th inning guy. Stop trying to make him into same.