Saturday, June 17, 2017

Five In A Row And Counting.......

This is becoming a serious social issue.

Totally slobbered for another day.

Disdain from friends and significant others.

People going on the internet to identify internal damage which might occur from over indulging in alcohol.

One thing of scientific merit:  It is possible that Ju-Ju cannot be used to end a losing streak.

Even Duque never knew the answer to that one..

It was always theoretical or " academic. "

Not so much anymore.  We are pushing the limits and testing the premises.

I do have a philosophical question:  If we lose six games in a row, right after we won six games in a row, do the Yankees really exist?

Is there any point to watching when, in the end, only time passed and nothing happened?

While you formulate your responses, I'm starting with the orange one, (on the far right).


13bit said...

Life is getting easier. Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose...

John M said...

IIH is a glum place this week. Sad.