Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Six And Counting..... ( imagine this is written in Dutch )

An international, " high six," to the Yankee's win streak.

Thanks to our Dutch ambassador and leader of Yankee fans abroad.

Six beauties from the land of Orange.

Surely this adds a positive dimension to our efforts on the field.

Surely this makes us want a Heineken.

We have a tough outing tonight.

Help make it successful.

Party hearty, boys ( imagine this is written in Dutch ).


Local Bargain Jerk said...

I'm wearing my wooden shoes and drinking Heineken. All set to fall asleep before game time...

joe de pastry said...

I wouldn't want to live in Holland, Michigan [De Vos's home town], but if you were to visit during what they call Tulip Time you would see more beautiful young women in one hour than you probably usually see in a year.

Anonymous said...

I don't even like living across the STATE from Holland, MI!! I got stuck staying there last summer for a couple of nights - - they charge like they are a "resort" town, when they are nothing LIKE one....they have one main N/S artery, and traffic was down to one lane, so it took 45 minutes just to get to what they call a downton for a (lousy) dinner.

I have signed petition after petition BEGGING the Devos family and the Prince family to move somewhere besides Michigan - - ANYWHERE besides Michigan. I even offered to help pay their moving expenses.

I digresseth, however - - Holland, MI., is the PITS. No wonder it warped DeVos's (feeble) mind. LB (No J)

joe de pastry said...

So, Anonymous, why don't you move out of Michigan?
It is what most people think New Jersey is.
Nevertheless, female scenery in Holland during the tulip festival is heavenly.

NaRong said...

I'm wearing my wooden shoes and drinking Heineken. All set to fall asleep before game time...
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Anonymous said...

I don't move out of Michigan, Joe, because I live in the GOOD part of the state (SE); besides, I'm stubborn, and I have too much "stuff".

I've seen enough tulips for life, and there are many other, better places to enjoy looking at female scenery: i.e., campuses of Univ. of WI., Univ. of IA., Univ. of MI., etc....

Call me jaded: when I lived in IC many years ago, I had women's boarding-houses on two sides, and sororities on the other two sides - - AND two huge women's dorms a half-block or so away. Boo-yah!! LB (No J)