Friday, June 16, 2017

Tonight, Roger Clemens will be color man in the Redsocks radio booth

USA Today thinks it's a shit thing to do to Redsocks fans. The radio station is a little defensive. I'll be listening; if he says anything roid-ragey, I'll let you know.

Update: Rocket is shy. A man of few words. I keep forgetting he's there. Boring. "Boston has been fairly aggressive on the basepaths." Changing the channel.


Leinstery said...

Refsnyder batting 1st, no Gardy or Didi in the lineup. What has gotten into those binders?!?!

Leinstery said...

Holy shit, Carter is batting 5th. Did Joe bet on the A's tonight?

DutchFan said...

I thought it was because I drank too much and it was only 3.30am. Crazy line-up, erratic Severino and homer in Judge. This might well turn into a endless game. This might go on indefinitely. This is the twilight zone.

DutchFan said...

Homering Judge.

Mustang said...

Mike at River Ave. Blues ran tonight's lineup, then said: "The rest of the Yankees are in Clearwater for today’s other split squad game." Har!

DutchFan said...

Mike at River Ave. Blues has humor.

Best Master quote so far today:

The Yankees battled back
From 4 nothing down
To tie the game and
Now they got
The bases bulging with bombers.

Top of the 5th

DutchFan said...

Joe has absolutely no intention whatsoever to forfeit this game. So, here is Jonathan Holder to pitch the 8th. And who knows maybe even the 9th. Why not.

Leinstery said...

Everyone saw this coming right? I mean it's been going on for years. Every single time the Yankees seem to be firing on all cylinders they pull this shit. Beat division rivals convincingly, shit the bed against sub .500 teams for a week or two. They seriously have a 4 game losing streak against a Mike Trout-less Anaheim and the mother fucking A's. Jesus Christ I really hate this team sometimes.

DutchFan said...

Well that means we have some heavy drinking to do despite a token cameo appearance by Gardner in the bottom of the 9th.
Two more games to go in Oakland.

Het zuigt.