Thursday, June 29, 2017

Baseball fever is fatal

This was posted yesterday to the Twitter account of analyst Mike Petriello:

Jesus. By the time a player is ready for the majors, his body is already deteriorating. They're like mayflies. Death is real. I need a drink.


Leinstery said...

I don't know what's more shocking and demoralizing; Fowler blowing his knee out in the first inning or Chris Carter is back on the team. It's times like these where we look to the Master for guidance

Urban Farmer formerly known as DutchFan said...

The Master sounded very dejected. The injury and the severity of it really impacted. Maybe the mood was a bit down also because the game took until approximately 2am.

He was okay with the re-emergence of Carter. And also with the demotion of Andujar. A logical and wise decisions.

And Suzyn and the Master prayed out loud in the top of the ninth that Headley would pinch-hit for Refsnyder. They gave up on the Brigadoon.

Alphonso said...

I do not agree with the Andujar decision.

I don't think you " reward " someone for winning a game for you by, immediately, putting them on a bus back to Hooterville. I think you find out if you have a superstar.

You start him at third base the next night, and give Headley a day off. If the guy goes 3-4 again, with 4 more rbis ( or the equivalent ), he remains until he crashes. If he never crashes, he has replaced Headley. And we are all dreaming for that day.

Look up Lou Gehrig and read the story. No one sent him back to Columbia to pick up garbage after he first replaced Wally Pipp.

But this team is cursed.