Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mark Feinsand Proposes Yankees/Mets Trades

If you have absolutely nothing else to do this afternoon, or you're avoiding a task you don't want to work on, take a look at Mark Feinsand's article over on mlb.com.  In the article, Feinsand proposes a variety of trades between the Yankees and Mets.

Most are dumb, none are going to happen, but one....

Curtis Granderson for Tyler Austin

....gave me this reaction:

If Mark Feinsand ever revisits John and Suzyn in the booth for the Daily News Fifth Inning, I hope they bust his chops but good on this one.

Go on, get outta here, we love ya, Marky Mark, ya big screwball....


Tom said...

obviously, mark feinsand is aware that today is National Pineapple Day.

let that sink in for a moment.

Granderson for Austin would be a pineapple worth celebrating.

el duque said...

Feinsand should write the sequel to Art of the Deal.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

Unfortunately this is all John Sterlings fault. Have you heard his new 3rd inning spot for Oreida Tater Tots? It goes something like this... the Baby Bombers should be called the Tater Tots because they're knocking taters out of the park. Well when some school kids said you could probably trade Grandesen for some tater tots, local playground perv-bearded fatty-feinsand made the unfortunately mistaken connection. But the kids a no dopes, they know granderson is worth, at best, a handful of frozen reconstituted chopped potato flake clumps... not a genuine Yankees Baby Bombing Tater Tot.

Leinstery said...

I just saw this and came here immediately to alert everyone to this nonsense. Is this guy a wishful thinking Mets fan? Three trades that were totally retarded and his reasoning is as consistent as Pineda from scenario to scenario.

Lucas Duda for Austin Romine: He argues that the Yankees need a first basemen and Tyler Austin isn't it so why not trade their backup catcher, a guy that catches twice a week and is integral to the team for a guy who's back is a mess and is pretty terrible when he's healthy. Makes sense.

Jeremy Blevins or Addison Reed for Dustin Fowler: He says the Yankees don't need anymore outfielders but they do need more arms in the bullpen. So why not trade Gardy's replacement, someone Gardner said will be a better than than him for some bum that is no better than any of the options they currently have.

Austin for the Grandyman: Obviously laughable, but let's look at why. Suddenly the Yankees need an outfielder, even though he just stated they don't need another one and Tyler Austin could be the future 1st baseman for the Mets, even though he just said he stinks two trades proposals prior. And more on the Grandyman. If the Yankees wanted a homerun hitter who racks up a ton of strikeouts and plays shit defense, they would have just stuck Carter in the outfield.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

John and Suzyn started on the sly, but they are now openly advocating for Quintana as a Yankee... but haven't said who they'd give up.

Leinstery said...

Betances is such a fucking asshole

Tom said...

not a good team

Alphonso said...

I don't know why any of you think Austin is worth keeping.

He is "over-pumped" physically, and practically immobilized as a result.

He strikes out at a far higher rate than Chris Carter and, when he isn't watching strike three whizz by, he is grounding into a double play.

His speed reminds me of those garbage trucks making U-turns in alleys, every Wednesday.

Did you see him try to steal that base the other day, when it looked as if he may have broken his ankle again? The Rangers ( or White Sox?) could have thrown the ball around the horn and still tagged him out.

And his landing showed the athleticism and agility of that freighter slamming into our destroyer in the Sea of Japan.

Suffice it to say: He doesn't look right to me.

And so far, if I could trade him to the Mets for a couple of seats to a Phillies game, I would do it.

Tyler Austin is not the answer at first base. And he is not the guy we have to fear trading.

The guy you have to fear trading is Jay Buhner, currently disguised as Frazier.

And because Greg Bird ( whom I hold responsible for the demise of the Yankees this season ) will not recover, the Yankees will trade for a first baseman.

They will think Frazier is expendable. They never liked his hair. But someone will. And he will destroy us for years, with a full beard and dreadlocks.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

When I read Feinsand's article and I got to the Granderson/Austin part, the sound that came out of my mouth would be spelled "Pah!".

This wasn't so much because Austin is the crown jewel of the Yankee system. It's more because there's no way on God's green earth we should take back Granderson in a trade.

Even for a couple of seats to a Phillies game.

Leinstery said...

LBJ pretty much sums it up perfectly on Austin for Grandyman. But my point on Austin was in one point he says he isn't very good, then two point later says he is. Now either he has a difference in standards for the two teams or he is a moron. I personally think Austin is average at best.