Sunday, June 18, 2017

We May Need A New Early Warning System

In Italy, scientists are studying the idea that certain classes of animals can forecast impending disasters.

The specific focus of the day is the rash of earthquakes Italy has been experiencing in its interior. A recent focus is based around the idea that animal behavior changes before such events, and
that a " warning" ( in the form of altered behavior ) might be able to provide time for thousands of people to avert calamity.

Goats and sheep, for example, living near Mt. Etna have been observed migrating to land areas of high growth vegetation, several hours before serious rumblings or minor eruptions come into evidence.  The goat/sheep theory is that these animals know that the areas of this high and lush vegetation have not been scorched and decimated by previous spewings from the volcano, and, therefore, might represent a " safer place to be."  For a while, at least.

I'm not clear which modified behavioral pattern amounts these farm animals is suggestive of imminent earthquake conditions, but my point holds true:

The Yankees have now experienced their own disaster, and we fans have not been spared a single moment of agony due to forewarning.

Perhaps baseball needs to develop a method of observing change in domestic animal behavior, as a pre-cursor to favorite team losses and losing streaks.  Any lead time, so provided, could help us employ self-deluding and diversionary tactics.

With appropriate warning, for example, we might remove ourselves from access to TV's, radio's and internet during game time situations.  We might create a notebook of activities so personally fulfilling for a 3+ hour period that all our sensory focus is localized and " elsewhere focused'", and baseball easily ignored.

Does any one out there have goats and sheep? And are you willing to watch them often and record their behavior?

More importantly, are you willing to be our sentry, and  provide warnings of abnormal behavior?

I'm thinking the Dutch guy must live near a farm.

It isn't enough simply to pray for rain.


DutchFan said...

First of all I think it is a great idea. Reminds me of "the men who stare at goats". I believe that stuff,.
Now, I farm life.
I understand that it is a natural thought my dwellings should be near a farm. The size of the entire country is about the same as a average Texas ranch.
How-evah.... I live in one of the exceptions. I can proof it.
Mine is an apartment high up in the Dome-shaped building in the upper half.
The only meat I see is on the inside on the market floor.

Do dead animals work too?

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

I just checked (my memory isn't a sure thing). On June 4th, 2 weeks ago, Yankees were in first place, 2.0 games ahead of the team representing the racist Irish horde from the North.

Starting business today, the NYYs are 1.0 games ahead of the Bostonians.

Considering the massive amount of nightmares that have occurred -- injury on top of injury, Greg Bird's inability to heal, the Felonious Star Reliever forced to take time off, the Japanese Superstar setting in the West -- etc. . . .

the fact that the Yankees remain in first place is kind of incredible, doncha think?

My reading of the NYY schedule shows that 14 games remain with the Red Sux. There are 82 games with other teams.

SOooooo . . .

It might NOT yet be the time for the rending of garments.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

I'm liking where Joe Formerly Of is going with this.
If, and that's a BIG if, if this is a bad stretch of losing, at least it's not to anyone in our division. Maybe it's a crappy out of sorts west coast thing, and the team slowly realigns itself over the next week or two.
On the other hand, if this is a market correction and the 'true' nature/limitations of this team is slowly (not so slowly) being revealed, well my friends, it was extremely fun while it lasted. I didn't expect much when the season began, now, I have high high hopes for the future!
Or, maybe it's door #3, a combo of each scenario, the most likely scenario,,,,in which case I'll be in perpetual agita for the rest of the season.

SALUTE to you DutchFan, for aways making my day with each and every one of your responses. Mega thanks my friend!

Rufus T. Firefly said...


I don't see a domed shaped building.

Are you Waldo????

DutchFan said...

@Rufus: Ah, maybe horseshoe shaped is a more adequate description.
Contrary to me, Waldo is not known to be an urban farmer