Thursday, June 15, 2017

Because We Are A Democracy.....

One of our creative blog members has suggested that the Yankee losing streak be photo-supported, just as our recent six game winning streak was.  The idea, of course, is to de-base losing and, therefore, create a turnaround Ju-Ju to re-initiate winning.

A number of photos were submitted to characterize the latest two defeats.  The best of that group, in my view, is the following:

I do have a concern, however.

The Ju-Ju utilized for the winning streak " rewarded" victories ( in the artistic sense), and set the stage for a longer and longer run of victories.  The specific Ju-Ju reference authorizing winning streak extensions ( extracted from our own  "Magna Carta "of  Ju-Ju Rules, penned by El Duque himself ) is found in Section 301.b paragraphs 32, 33;  pages 109-110.

There is no such reference in " Ju-Ju Rules " for photo-supported losing streaks, as far as I know,  and the paragraphs cited above specifically make no reference to this idea at all.  So we shall need a live case, which can then be challenged in court, in order to establish precedent.  Following a court ruling, an amendment to " Ju-Ju Rules "can be applied for and granted.

 This is all highly procedural and expensive. Perhaps we have a cadre of Yankee fan attorneys out there, willing to take this case on a pro bono basis, because it is good for baseball.

In any case, everyone should buy this book, so we are all on a level playing field for discussions such as this.  The Magna Carta of " Ju-Ju Rules" is precedent setting, needless to say.

Morally and ethically, we must also consult the one living, original thinker in the field, El Duque.  The problem here is that he is a bit rigid and, occasionally, resolute.  Getting him to change or modify the " Rules" is tantamount to a constitutional amendment, ruled upon by a supreme court of one, with prejudice.

My personal issue is ( not being a constitutional lawyer) ; what is the context here?

By employing this technique, could we ( without intent or prior knowledge) be accidentally supporting, rather than defeating, an extended losing streak?  What if this turnaround approach encourages more failure, more profound impotence, and more injuries?  Worse, are we giving a bad name to hot dogs and hamburgers?

This is a touchy issue.  I was a judge in a previous lifetime, but this case is way out of my purview.  If you want me to try it, or authorize its initial use, please advise in the comments section.

Your votes will count.  Dutch votes will count.  Hell, Russian votes will count.

There is a game tonight.


Local Bargain Jerk said...

Alphonso ("Bloggist") shall have the right without the consent of the reader ("Us") in each instance to enter into any amendment, deferral, extension, modification, increase, renewal, replacement, consolidation, supplement or waiver (collectively, a "JuJu Modification") of the JuJu or the JuJu-influencing photos, provided that, unless the Bloggist shall have first obtained the written consent of Us in each instance, the JuJu Modification may not be adversely affected and no such JuJu Modification shall (i) increase the likelihood of a Yankee Victory, (ii) increase in any other material respect including and especially the length of any Yankee losing Streak, (iii) decrease, forgive, waive, release or defer the ultimate JuJu Smackdown or forgive, waive, decrease, defer or release all or any portion of the JuJu thingy, (iv) shorten (or lengthen) the aforementioned winning (or losing) streak, (v) increase the length of any West Coast game such that said game goes into extra innings which for those of Us living on the East Coast is "death" and far worse than when there's nothing on Netflix, (vi) accept a grant of any interest in any micro portion of JuJu belonging to Us or any other Person not originally granted under the terms of this Blog's JuJu Rules unless the same shall also secure the Bloggist's safety belt, which must be worn on tall bar stools at all times, (vii) modify or amend the terms and provisions of any side bets with respect to the winning (or losing) streaks, the timing and method of the application of payments under the terms of such non-core wagers, (viii) cross­ default the Bloggist with any other indebtedness, particularly as it relates to procuring additional photos of scantily clad women drinking cocktails, (ix) obtain any contingent interest, additional interest or so­-called “kicker” measured on the basis of the JuJu royalties, (x) pin the blame for anything that happens on Randy Levine, Esq., (except in connection with all of the above or with respect to a diminimus portion of the JuJu or as provided in the book, "The JuJu Rules", by Hart Seely, as executed on the date of the Magna Carta), (xi) spread the legs of any of the women depicted in the photos to encumber their morals (or the morals of Us) unless the same shall also spread and encumber the first party, or (xii) extend the period during which Joey Binders may call in a rookie during a tight game because his binders tell him that it's the right thing to do, or otherwise modify any defeasance provision in a manner materially adverse to Us; provided, however, that in no event shall the Bloggist be obligated to get the Our consent to any JuJu Modification including those expressly prohibited above, and the Bloggist shall have the right without the consent of Us in each instance, but subject to the standard in some other Section of this Agreement, to enter into any JuJu Modification, after the expiration of the Our (or Our designee’s) right to post our own photos as provided in still another Section of this Agreement; provided further that no JuJu Modification may adversely affect the newly identified "Magna Carta Status" of any JuJu or result in the imposition of a “prohibited transaction”.

A merry de novo and prosperous voir dire to all.

I'm Bill White said...

El Duque has no choice but to release all contemporaneous notes, deleted text, electronically stored information, whatever--relating to the Juju Rules. He should also consent to answering questions from the public live, perhaps on, or at least, which is Mustang's favorite website. He must do so within two to three weeks. Maybe less.

I'm Bill White said...

An additional consideration for you based on the text of the book. The word "winning" is written 12 times. The word "losing" is written 15 times. What does this mean? It has to mean something. It has to.

DutchFan said...

Let's face it, there must be tapes.
The photos are a decoy. They want you to follow the wrong leads.

Go after the tapes.
And if you want to find the tapes, follow the money.

That is all I can say - I am Dutch.

el duque said...

It's not fair, playing games on West Coast time. It ruins all juju in the East.

Last night, we jumped ahead, because Easterners were practicing at full capacity. But by the seventh inning - West Coast time - there was no way the East could keep up the resistance. It was just too late.

That's the problem with West Coast swings. That's the problem with the West Coast, period: They are behind us, yet in their simplistic minds, they believe themselves to be ahead of us.

Go with the pictures, but just hope none turn out to be commentators or their spouses.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

I'm not so worried about the Yanks losing games I'm asleep for. Wake me up when they're back East.

Tom said...

Staying up late to watch a miserable loss is a special place in hell, sort of a five-tool misery due to sleep deprivation. Hoping to mature soon.

Anonymous said...


Tom said...

Ken Singleton and Knucklehead Flaherty just jinxed Didi against Sonny Gray. They were practically screaming that a grand slam was inevitable, which led to the obligatory fly ball to right. Weak fly ball to right. These guys are trying to prove they're homers or at least have personalities, but they need to develop some schtick that doesn't ruin the game. This is the bland future that awaits use when John and Suzyn are driven by Jeep into the sunset.

Anonymous said...


13bit said...

This is just the inevitable five-game losing streak that we have every year at least once. No need to panic. Just tucks your head between your knees and rock gently back-and-forth. Everything's gonna be OK. Feel that little tickle on the back of your head? That's the IBS lady, gently massaging your scalp. Everything is going to be OK. I'm going to go take a walk and think about life.

Alphonso said...

I know it is late back where I used to live.

Is it still winter?

One thing I must say; we all owe a vote of thanks to LBJ for the legal treatise presented above.

It is brilliant and comprehension-defying at one time.

One does not put that together without extensive research and, I assume, multiple Jack and Cokes.

I shall proceed as he instructs, since most of the remaining comments provided contradictory mis-information. Some were borderline diversionary.

The only other useful input to my decision was ALL CAPS ANON's recognition that we have a line-up tonight that cannot win in any circumstance, Ju-Ju notwithstanding.

When the smoke clears, and we are 0-3 by morning, and we left 10 or more RISP's, and scored no runs, I will feel compelled to go with some form of " end the streak" ritual.

DutchFan said...

Another tight game that will go into the books as winnable. Again. Whatever the end score.

Cory Lidle's Scenic Air Tours said...

Bleeping Clippard.

DutchFan said...

Betances for a 5 out non save appearance.
Tyler Clippard did not give up a homer! Count your blessings.

DutchFan said...

Both Hicks and Sanchez out.
I thought swans oughtta sleep after sundown.

Apart from that, it really is a great game to watch.

DutchFan said...

It was a really great baseball game. But the end was dismal again. Little pop fly. Castro just could not hold on to it.

Another painful loss.

Cory Lidle's Scenic Air Tours said...

Ugh. Just ugh.

Anonymous said...


DutchFan said...

Birds falling down the rooftops
Out of the sky like raindrops
No air, no pride

And Hicks.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

The hog on the right in the photo looks like she pee'd herself.

LBJ, you didn't by any chance take a hit of that special acid before posting, did you? That stream of consciousness gave me flashbacks of Jack Kerouac.

John M said...

LBJ is the new James Joyce. Or F. Lee Bailey. Or Minnie Minoso.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

I'd love to tell you the story of where that post came from, but I'm thinking I often don't know when to rein it in ... and this might be one of those times.

I'm also finding that if I tilt my head to a certain angle, at just the right speed, I can no longer tell if I'm in this reality or another one.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

'Birds' is the official Dutch entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013.
From the new album Sad Singalong Songs, scheduled for release May 17th!

I didn't realize there was a category for most depressing song.

DutchFan said...

@Rufus: we are a depressed lot out here. We live below sea-level - what can you expect

Rufus T. Firefly said...

@DutchFan: If you discount the murder rate, New Orleans is a pretty happy place and they're below sea level.

And how can you be depressed around all those Dutch women? Haven't been there in years, but I distinctly remember the pulchritude of them.