Saturday, June 17, 2017

Get Ready For A Bad Day

We have no starter.

Our relievers are done and dusted.

The Yankee line-up would not beat the Railriders in a best of three series.

Oakland is smelling blood in the water, like a great white shark off Long Beach.

As fans, we have a responsibility to remain cheerful and optimistic.

To employ some consistent Ju-Ju .

Today, even the Ju-Ju master might remain awake for the game.

Is the Ju-Ju not working because too few Americans ( and Dutch ) have purchased " Ju-Ju Rules?"

There is still time.

My fear for the day;  Oakland scores in triple digits today.  Establishes a record for the books.

I believe this outcome is just as likely as a modern US Navy Destroyer colliding with a 2017 Japanese container ship, both overloaded with technology so sophisticated and flawless, that it tells you when to fart, much less warns you fifty times when you are on a collision course with an oncoming vessel.

This could be an immense pineapple day, spiky leaves and all.

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