Thursday, June 22, 2017

Zen Fails. Is replaced by Clown College.

Misplayed ground balls.

Throws from the catcher into centerfield ( albeit, from his knees ).

A dropped ( lame ) pick-off attempt ( no damage ).

A wild pitch that looked to clear the mezzanine ( with runners advancing).

An avalanche of clutch hits by them.

Our hitters slumping to their knees to flail at third strikes, in the dirt, a yard wide of the plate.

Girardi's press conference after this one has to top them all.

I stopped watching after the national anthem ( " Trump on Parade").

Send me a message by pony express if we come back to win this one.

Where are my duck feet?


Urban Farmer formerly known as DutchFan said...

There have been games that were played better I suppose. But at least we won't face the Angels anymore. Dangerous club without Trout.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Better watch it with that cornfield-shelling; you might turn the "Field of Dreams" into the "Killing Fields"; some of my friends (not "mois", of course) used to take young ladies into the cornfields, for lack of a better place to go...wouldn't be a pretty picture, if...

Aaaagh! Ack!! Braaagggghhh!!

Honey, could you bring a bucket and a mop?? I just threw up all over my Yankee rug...and do you know what happened to the pineapple tongs??

Like Meatloaf never said: "Eight outta' nine ain't good"... LB (No J)