Friday, June 16, 2017

We Have To Double Down

The grave danger now looms that Cashman will pull the trigger on a trade, or two.

That he will play his hand from a huge disadvantage, and get his clock cleaned.

It is time to gamble, yes.

But gamble with the system, not the chips.

What I am trying to say is;  bring up more youth and throw them to the wolves.

There are guys major league ready.  There have to be.

Judge surprised, big time.

Montgomery is hanging in there.

Why not bet on Torres, Fowler, Frazier and Bok Choy?

You know we have to bring up arms, as well.

Do not give away the program, Brian.  Do not go all in, hoping to fill an inside straight.

We will happily go to the barricades with what we have.

If we get rolled over, we get rolled over.

But we gain something.

We don't lose everything.

Bet on the system.  Double down.


13bit said...

Completely agree and, I might add, that was "the plan" - from Randy "The Hemorrhoid" Levine on down to us lowly fans - from the beginning. This was a "rebuilding" "youth movement" kind of season. My expectations were low. They still are. They have, BY FAR, already been exceeded. There is hope. There is a future. The dark lords have roped me in again to their intergalactic propaganda network. It's all good. Blah blah blah.

This is EXACTLY the time to go deep into the system, keep throwing young guys agains the wall, see if any of them stick. YOU'LL BRING IN MORE ASSES TO SEATS THAT WAY, dudes. You'll also build a dynasty that way. This is not the time to revert to the ways which got us here, to begin with.

Let's pretend - my favorite childhood game, by the way - that we're a small budget team, at least for the rest of this season. Let's bring guys up from the farm.

John M said...

Remember we started the season without Didi and lost Sanchez very quickly. And we still won. Then we lost Ellsbury. And we still won. Bird finally had to admit he was injured and was replaced by a guy who hits .190. And we still won. Now we've lost CC, and Sanchez and Judge might be injured, but might not be.

And we'll still win. We just have to get the fuck out of California.

ESPN ran an article about Torres coming on to replace Headley. We shall see. But we'll still win.

Alphonso said...

Right John, except the winds of change are, at this moment, blowing cold.

And to 13bit.....I want you as our GM.