Thursday, January 12, 2017

A tough revelation from all this Trump "conflict of interest" business

Yesterday, we learned that the President doesn't have to sell off all his business holdings, if he doesn't want to.

Thus, if Hal Steinbrenner is ever elected President, he won't have to sell the Yankees.

So much for that plan. I hoped to hatch, as our signature 2017 IT IS HIGH campaign, a grassroots "HAL FOR PRESIDENT" movement, based on the idea that the U.S. government would take him off our hands. Now, it's back to stems and seeds. (Shhh, they're gone. You're not hearing this from me, but within the IT IS HIGH intelligentsia, we've had double-secret talks about how to sabotage the anti-Yankee baseball world order. Last year brought LBJ's brilliant "MOON BIG PAPI" campaign - already part of Yankee lore. This year? I can't say much, because it's classified. Eallyray,ecretsay, uffstay, nderstanday? But if you have ideas... Hold it, somebody's coming!) And how about that Aaron Judge! He's a big one, eh? Hope he hits.


13bit said...

Is there any way we can get everybody together at the stadium on some warm june or july day for an "it is high, it is far" get together? is that too much to ask?

el duque said...

No, that's not too much to ask. Frankly, last year we wanted to do it, but scheduling got in the way. This is the year. And thank you for suggesting it.