Sunday, January 1, 2017

Will Someone Please Explain?

As they used to say on Seinfeld, " what's the deal with this new format?"

Is it just me, or is everyone getting headline after headline, with no content?

It could be my hangover, or the fact that I lost my glasses.

It could be that there is simply nothing to say about the Yankees.

Happy New Year, Everyone !


John M said...

It's New Year's. We're lucky to get headlines. Me, I just slept until noon and feel pretty good. Obviously didn't drink enough last night....

Anonymous said...

....You and Don Lemon, John....and no, Fonz, I am getting the same thing - - headlines, and no content - - it just says "plug-in required" - - and it's obviously some plug-in which I don't have installed....bummer. LB (no J)

Local Bargain Jerk said...

Many browsers (especially Chrome) have recently dropped support for Flash. El Duque has coincidentally published a bunch of posts that require Flash to view them.

So, your browser has changed (via a hidden upgrade), not the format of the Blogger site. You can view the headlines without Flash, but not the content. If my theory is right, text-oriented posts (i.e., ones without video content) should continue to display correctly.

Either that, or you didn't have enough to drink. Better have another nip just to rule that one out.

P.S.: Since Blogger is owned by Google, it's likely just a matter of time before this issue is fixed on the Blogger website as well.

Alphonso said...

LBJ ...many thanks for the explanation.

So I need to install flash, or upgrade it?

I talk a good game, but have no idea. And I will have another drink, thank you.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

Frankly, I would leave flash off your machine. Flash is a security breach waiting to happen ... there's a reason why the various browser publishers are dropping support for it. (It's also a resource hog, but that's probably already too much detail.)

If you want to look through the videos, either try accessing IIH using any of the different browsers you might have installed on your machine (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.). I just tried looking at IIH using IE on my machine and all is fine. Not the same in Chrome.

FWIW, one of our clients is a very large bank who cares about locking down all their systems (and, by extension, ours). We get a "WARNING: FLASH BREACH" notice about once a quarter, so I know the various virus-writers are still out there going to town.

Bottom line: Either a) try a different browser or b) just have another Fuzzy Navel. As I write this, the sun's over the I'd go with (b).

Alphonso said...

Many thanks for that advice. Will comply. With B as well, even though its is always morning here.