Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Note for the record

Last night, Alabama had a punt returner named Gehrig Dieter - (rhymes with, um, you know) - and at one point, Clemson's punter hit low bouncer that the announcer said was "fielded like a shortstop."

I am not making this up.

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Alphonso said...

An amazing game, particularly with the baseball rhetoric and names. However, I do have a major quibble.

When Clemson scored the winning touchdown with one second to go, the camera spent not one shot on the Alabama crowd reaction. That is half the fun. All game long, they were excited and in a lather, " go Tide," and all that.

I did not need to see endless shots of Clemson players jumping around in their helmets. I needed to see the despair. The lost hope, The agony of defeat. The fan base of Alabama in misery.

That is part of being a Yankee fan. I won't even mention the Giants.