Tuesday, November 19, 2019

A weird dream

Last night I woke up after a bizarre dream.

In the dream, I was younger than I actually am, and had some sort of position in the Yankees organization.

The dream centered on Judge, whose name might have been Aaron but might have been something else. Hell, it was a dream, so it could've been both. Anyway, he looked like the real Judge, so I guess that's who he was supposed to be.

The crux of it was that Judge was leaving the Yankees. He was going to China to play for a Chinese team for five years, at $100 million per year. So, half a billion for a five-year contract.

His reasoning was simple. He was still young, it was a shitload of money, and after five years he could come back and play the rest of his career here in the U.S. of A. with the Yankees.

I pointed out that there were no players of major league caliber in China, and that he would just decimate whatever teams he played. But somebody else--I don't know who--said maybe that wouldn't be the case. Maybe Judge would find the Chinese tougher than expected.

Regardless, he was going. And I cried. In the dream, that is. When I woke up, I just thought, "What a weird fucking dream." So weird, I've actually remembered it all day now, or at least a lot of it.

Maybe it has something to do with the continually non-existent trade agreement. Or the relative disappointment of post-rookie Judge. Or the refusal of Hal to pay someone shitloads of money (unless they're chronically injured or ineffective on the mound). Or the fact that Judge may not be untouchable in terms of trades (even though he is).

None of it made any sense. Dreams are like that.

So weird, yet strangely realistic. Beats me.


13bit said...

I would take that dream to a shrink - one that you have never seen before and plan to never see again - and she what they say about it.

TheWinWarblist said...
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TheWinWarblist said...

JM, dreams may be our brains way of cleaning out the intellectual debris of our day to day lives. No one really knows what purpose they serve, or if they even serve one. So dream, dream dream dream. Dream, dream, dream, dream. Dream, dream, dream, dream. When I want you in my arms. When I want you and all your charms. Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream, dream, dream, dream, My Babies. All your charms, all your ample charms.

Buonanotte bambini miei.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sage advice, Phil & Don Everly. LB (No J)

JM said...

I'll take that to heart, Winnie.

JimmyEatsHotDogs said...

Wow..... I want a new drug where is your doctor located I want to make a appt. :)

Anonymous said...

Communist China is buying everything these days. So it wouldn't be a shock if China suddenly bought the Yankees for $20 billion. Would Lord Hal sell the NYY for $20 billion? Wouldn't that be a sign of the apocalypse, Communist China buying America's biggest brand name baseball team?

The Hammer of God

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