Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Sir Didi, We Hardly Knew Ye

Actually, we felt like we knew you very well—and loved you.

It was one of the toughest challenges in Yankees—even baseball—history:  take over at a key position for a beloved, legendary superstar, and play well.

Sir Didi did it.  And what's more, he did it with joy in his heart, and in his tweets.  And in the clubhouse.

He was, always, a positive force—and usually, a very clutch one.

Now, maybe HAL has failed to make a qualifying offer merely because Coops thinks he can bargain Didi down to a lower contract.  He probably could, considering the year Didi just went through, with his injury and slump.

But that's not what this is about.

This is all about making sure that there's no possible way Sir Didi decides to clutch at that $17.8 million qualifying offer.

Let's review:

The Yanks could've traded Didi earlier this year, then decided later whether or not to bring him back as a free agent after the season—the way we acquired The Gleyber AND brought El Chapo back.

But they didn't.

They could've decided to re-sign Didi.

But they didn't.

And they could've made Didi that qualifying order.

But they didn't.  Because, you know, that might've cost the Family Steinbrenner $17.8 million, which is about the general take through 4 1/2 innings of a game.

So Didi is gone, and the Yanks will get nothing for him.  Zippo.  Good-bye, and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

But hey.  This is a business, after all.  You have to put sentiment aside.  Now, we have nearly $18 million more to spend on a top pitcher.



Urban Farmer formerly known as DutchFan said...

It is hard, it is tough, he is gone.

Maybe it is more than penny picking or outright evil corporate thought.
It is the total disrespect of what makes a franchise different and special. Apart from titles and championships, there is the legacy of great and even beloved players. The chance to have a few special ones in every generation.
Didi could have become in icon in New York.
Now he will be just another player who once donned pinstripes.

And it is such a shame we say goodbye to someone that I can call a fellow Dutchman.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

My indifference to screaming about the Didi non-offer is not about the money. I don't care what Hal pays to players, in taxes, or for toilet paper.

However, the NYYs clearly have a congestion problem in 2020 -- Too Many Infielders --

Didi (if they re-sign him for less $$$)
Tyler Wade
and -- oh yeah -- that DJ guy (finished 25th in OBP in MLB, 4th in BAvg)

That's for 3 positions. I guess you could assume they put DJ at first base -- where there is also a traffic jam (EE, f they sign him for less than $20M plus Mike Ford and Luke Voit).

But if they DH any of these guys, you have to play Stanton in the OF. Why would you want to do THAT?


That's 10 guys for 4 positions. Not including Bird, or this Japanese guy that rumor has the NYYs signing for big $$$. Or anyone else.

....among other things, if they put all 10 of these people on the roster, there might be significant losses in the Rule 5 draft, which comes next month.


NOW, you could assume that 2020 will be a repeat of 2019, and people will be falling into holes all over the place, wherever and whenever it suits the Black Swan of Misery.

And you could figure that whatever "talent" is lost in the Rule 5 draft might not hurt the future much. After all, Gleyber (turns 23 next month) and Miggy (25 in March) are young. Even Mike Ford is only 27. Gio just turned 28 last month.


My botom line is: Maybe they had to let Didi go. I love watching the guy, but I would really hate some other "genius" option -- for example, if they traded Miggy right now.

Remember please: Andujar was 10th in 2018 in AL BAvg -- and 7th in AL slugging pctge. The stats put him at 11th in OPS.

ranger_lp said...

Hal and Cash are looking to get a younger roster. This is what I'm taking away from this move.

JM said...

Younger = cheaper.

Anonymous said...

1) I will miss Didi but the roster crunch is real. The NY Post was intimating that he might go to the Phillies. Or the Mets.

Whoever gets him will be getting a one of the great clubhouse guys of all time.

I don't speak Dutch. So I will make up a word, "flurgedploof" it means good luck old friend. He was a lot of fun to watch.

2) I've said this before but DJ is only here for one more year. (Unless they resign him) Hey you know who'll be available at the end of the year. Mookie Betts.

Doug K.

Urban Farmer formerly known as DutchFan said...

"Flurgedploof"...... I will give it a shot and try to introduce it into our language.
People who have no knowledge of the use of the word flurgedploof, will probably say something like

Tabé makker or
Het ga je goed, gabber

Anonymous said...


Thank you.

Having read what you wrote, my word seems more Fake Swedish.

Apparently Fake Dutch should have more hard consonants and is probably closer to Fake German. I will make the adjustment.

As to the actual Dutch phrase... There is a similar phrase that dates back to the stone-age.

"gabber, gabber do!"

Doug K.

TheWinWarblist said...

ranger lp, what I'm taking away from this move is that Miser Hal and Buttlicker Coop hate the Yankees and their fans.

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