Monday, November 8, 2021

Here's Another Star From Japan We Won't Sign

It seems like every year there's a player out of Japan or Korea who looks like a potential solution to one of the Yankees problems. This year it's Seiya Suzuki.  

Forgetting the obvious desire to hear Michael Kay scream "Seiya!" when the guy hits a home run, this looks like another opportunity to sign a Japanese superstar who does everything well. 

From CBS Sports

Suzuki, a five-time All-Star who recently turned 27 years old, is widely considered to be one of the top players in Nippon Professional Baseball. This season, he hit .319/.436/.640 with 38 home runs, nine stolen bases (on 13 attempts), and more walks than strikeouts. For his career, he's batted .315/.415/.571.

But can he field? CBS Sports again...

Defensively, he has a strong arm that serves as a reminder that he pitched as a youngster. He's tallied 24 assists since 2017; for comparison's sake, Bryce Harper led big-league right fielders in that category last season, and he has 22 assists over the same timeframe.

Personally, I miss Hideki and even though we got him too late, I miss Ichiro.  

Maybe I just like complete ball players who have a plan at the plate, who takes what the pitcher gives them and goes for the best result instead of blindly swinging. Guys who know how to get the runner in from third with less than two outs. Fielders who hit the right cut off man, throw to the right base, you know... baseball. 

Would I rather have Seiya than Gold Glover Joey Gallo? I'd rather have Donald Glover than Joey Gallo. 

Will Brain make a serious offer? Or any offer at all? Or does this guy wind up on the Mariners or the Angels too? 



Dantes said...

I’d say not a chance he comes here, he’s gonna go team up with Ohtani. Also, Correa is this year’s Machado, lots of flirting before he signs elsewhere

Unknown said...

Deben traer al japones es muy bueno es mejor que muchos de los que estan en el equipo regular.

Unknown said...

Junior:Dicen que tiene buen contacto y no se poncha mucho eso es lo que necesitamos no estrellas de 300 millones.

Unknown said...

Dicen que tiene buen contacto con la bola y no se poncha mucho eso es lo que necesitamos no estrellas de 300 millones.

ZacharyA said...

With Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Hicks, and Joey Gallo under contract for 2022, why would Seiya Suzuki want to come here? Just to sit on the bench?

And with an estimated $66.8M already sunk into those four guys in 2022, why would Cashman want to allocate even more payroll to the outfield? I don't see it.

el duque said...

Let's face it: The Yankees are screwed.

Alphonso said...

But Brian Cashman just said top the world that he is " open to all suggestions."

We';ll get Seeya for sure. If someone suggests him, that is.

ranger_lp said...

Yesterday's roster moves...

11/07/21 New York Yankees selected the contract of C Donny Sands from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders.
11/07/21 LHP Joely Rodriguez elected free agency.

Doug K. said...


Not seeing it because Brain lacks vision is understandable. But if were my club I trade Joey Gallo (9.5M) don't resign Gardy (12.5M in 2021) and put See-ya in Left. That's 22M right there. Seiya should cost less. So it's not a $$ allocation issue.

So my four outfielders are Judge, Hicks till he gets hurt, Sey-ya in Left w Stanton playing some left (and right) and Judge playing some center.

Basically replacing what we have now. Gallo in left with See-ya. And Gardy with Hicks.

I'd really like them to trade Hicks and sign Marte. (I've been advocating this for years.) But the See-ya signing has nothing to do with it. It just makes us better.

ZacharyA said...


Gardner only earned $2.85M in 2021, so I don't know where you got that higher number.

I'm all for moving Gallo, but that doesn't change the fact that we have $29M committed to Stanton, an estimated $17.5M committed to Judge in arbitration, and $10.8M committed to Hicks in 2022. There's no team in baseball stupid enough to take the remaining 4-yr/$41M left on the Hicks deal, so we can put that fantasy to rest immediately.

The Yankees need a new shortstop, a new catcher, a new first baseman, and at least one new starting pitcher. Cot's Contracts estimates our 2022 payroll at $209.9M after arbitration calculations. Presumably we're going to dump a few guys due arbitration like Frazier, Andujar, and Voit, but the 2022 payroll is already at $200M. How much do we realistically think the Yankees will spend? Unless Hal has OKed a $275M payroll (ha!), I think outfield upgrades are going to take a backseat to the other concerns.

I would love Starling Marte though. My kingdom for an everyday player who can steal a base.

Doug K. said...


Here's where I got the figure. Maybe it's wrong or I misread it but this is what was there. I think the figure you're using was Gardy's player option for this year. But I don't know :)

As to the Yankees needs. I agree with you. But since, at least to my accounting, it was a cash positive move and got rid of a player that I can't stand watching and replacing him with some one who at least sounds intriguing has merit regardless.

ZacharyA said...

Yeah, Spotrac is a little funky. If you click on "Career Earnings" and scroll down to 2021, you will see Gardner's 2021 salary + signing bonus ($2.85M).

He most definitely did not get a last-minute contract in February for $12M. The Yankees tucked him in under the tax threshold at the last minute.

Also, it seems you're working under the assumption that the Yankees current payroll allocation per position is good and should be maintained. I would argue that spending around $70M AAV ($29M + $17.5M + $10.8M + let's say $14M for Suzuki) on your outfield when you're running a $220M payroll is poor resource allocation, especially when you need to spend big dollars to fix your infield.

If Hal greenlights a $275M payroll, then I'm all in on Suzuki. But until then, we need to focus on the infield.

JM said...

Whether or not we can thin the ranks through trades, we need another good outfielder.

I mean, really, does anybody think Hicks is going to be healthy for 2022? And even if he is, that he'll stay that way for more than a few weeks?

Mr. Breakdown ain't exactly a spring chicken. He's an old 32. Considering how durable he's been to date, I don't think he'll be getting any better from here on out.

Ellsbury II.

ZacharyA said...

Ken Rosenthal: Free-agent LHP Andrew Heaney in agreement with Dodgers on one-year contract, pending physical, sources tell The Athletic. Deal is for more than $8 million.

OK I guess I'm really out of touch with modern baseball when a 5.83 ERA nets you $8M guaranteed.

Doug K. said...


That is stunning. 8M? I wouldn't pitch him in a 10-0 game even if we had the zero.

The Dodgers didn't offer Buhler the $18.5 and he's a free agent now. I guess he's really hurt or they think they can sign him as a FA for less. But 8M Heaney? They're out of their minds.

The Archangel said...

Heaney 8.5 mil.
Just when you think that MLB can't produce another What TH F--- moment.

This is just insanity.

The Archangel said...

And the Gamminites wonder why people don't go to games anymore.

Heaney, just a horrible pitcher,relatively speaking, earns 8.5 Mil
and a it costs 20.00 to park a car, 20.00 for a beer and 8.00 rubber hotdog on top of 75.00 per seat for any ticket where you don't need an oxygen tank.

Billionaires picking fights with millionaires.

This should be a Monty Python skit

DickAllen said...

Yes, the Yankees truly suck.


From the LA Times:

“Former Angels pitcher Andrew Heaney to join Dodgers on one-year deal.”

They had this to say about him:

“Heaney, 30, is coming off a forgettable 2021 season split between the Angels and New York Yankees… Giving up home runs was the source of his struggles. He yielded 29 home runs and 1.88 home runs per nine innings — the sixth highest rate amongst starting pitchers with at least 120 innings logged… Heaney drew considerable interest in the free-agent market anyway. Clubs project him as a sound bounce-back candidate.”

It’s hard to believe there were pitchers who were actually worse than this bum. And they are paying him 8.5 million for one year.

And so ends another exciting chapter in the storied history of The Intern’s Greatest Acquisitions.

DickAllen said...

Fucking unbelievable.

DickAllen said...

Looks like I came to this party a little late.

DickAllen said...

Watch him pull an Eovaldi and win a Cy next year

HoraceClarke66 said...



The demon pitcher of Cash


HoraceClarke66 said...

And hey, I think you're missing the big story here: Charlie Sands finally made it back to the big club. Only took him 44 years.

Now THAT'S persistence!

Congratulations, Charlie!

Kevin said...

The Yankees Could have picked up Charlie Morton, Verlander, Corbin, Colossus the Forbin Project, Stroman, Eovaldi, and some pretty fair positional players for reasonable prices over the past few years, especially the missed opportunities at the deadline... Yeah, there's that thing called "hindsight", but roughly three quarters of these missed opportunities have the stench of Hal on them. In the past five years, chances are better than even we could have pulled off an " Atlanta Braves 21" two or three times. The Yankees are a business, we are customers, and given their resources they fucking OWE us a few rings. Or like the Dodgers, TRY!

BTR999 said...

I’d love to have him!