Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Ten fun facts about the remaining Yankee paradox (You won't BELIEVE number 7!)

Following last week's Cashmanic roster purges, Miguel Andujar still remains a Yankee. (For now, anyway.)

How did such a great-looking youngster turn into such a Thanksgiving turkey? 


1. In his 2017 major league debut, he went 3-for-4 with 4 RBIs, breaking the Yankee record for RBIs in a rookie's first game.

2. Next day, the Yankees demoted him to Scranton.

3. In 2018, Miggy joined Joe D and The Mick, as the only Yankees (under age 24) ever to go seven straight games with an extra-base hit.

4. That year, his 47 doubles broke DiMaggio's rookie record. He finished 2nd in the Rookie of the Year balloting behind Shohei Ohtani. 

5. In April of 2019, he suffered a partially torn shoulder. After going 3-34, he underwent season-ending surgery.

6. Miggy missed almost all of pandemic-shortened 2020. Playing LF, he went 1-14 as a Yankee and spent the year at the alternative site in Scranton.

7. Last year, Miggy hurt his wrist in July, suffered a setback in rehab, and never returned. On the year, he hit .253 with six HRs and a miserable OBP of .284. He played four games at 3B. 

8. At this stage of his career, his statistical MLB batting doppelgangers are Trot Nixon and Moises Alou.

9. The Yankees have him under contract until 2025.

10. He'll turn 27 in March.


JM said...

What a sad story. I wonder if that great talent is still there, or if it's been beaten out of him by injury and the Yankees' famous player management.

Was it all the juiced ball? All of our ephemeral rookie titans who never could reproduce their early prowess? It seems Judge is the only one who is still making good, though we won't be seeing 50 home runs from him again, I don't think.

Well, Gleyber is back at second where he belongs and it did perk up his hitting. Who knows...maybe, just maybe...

Now, can we get rid of Sanchez? Who is still statistically better than average but sucks in real game situations?

Publius said...

Trot Nixon and Moises Alou? Solid comps.

Celerino Sanchez said...

Considering what the Yankees have done with Frazier, Andujar, Torres & Sanchez, my guess is Gallo hits .150 next year.

ZacharyA said...

I know hindsight is 20/20 and all that, but maybe we should've been more open to the idea of trading Miguel Andujar and Gary Sanchez for JT Realmuto in the 2019 offseason before he went to Philadelphia. That's what the Marlins wanted.

Realmuto has hit .269/.337/.471 (.808 OPS) with a Gold Glove and 26 stolen bases (!) since joining the Phillies. Imagine having a catcher who can actually catch the ball and isn't embarrassing at the plate or on the bases. Must be nice.

Of course, Andujar and Sanchez would probably have become stars away from this organization, so maybe it was better to just keep them and avoid that pain.

Doug K. said...

Unfortunately for Miggy "Two Bags" this isn't an issue of career mismanagement as much as a guy lacking the 6th tool, the ability to stay on the field.

"In April of 2019, he suffered a partially torn shoulder. After going 3-34, he underwent season-ending surgery." This was diving back to third if I recall.

"Last year, Miggy hurt his wrist in July, suffered a setback in rehab, and never returned. On the year, he hit .253 with six HRs and a miserable OBP of .284. He played four games at 3B."

It's not like the Yankees didn't want this guy to succeed. He didn't have the "personality" issues that Frazier did and was HUGELY popular with the fan base.

He lost his job to a better third baseman when he was injured and was never healthy enough to find a place on the team.

Not sure what will happen to him. His trade value is currently pretty low but he was definitely a breath of fresh air.

Alphonso said...

What is so special about #7?

Scottish Yankee fan said...

I think it is a play on what you read in the advertising tweets on Twitter between the real tweets you actually want to read

These 15 actresses from the 1980's look so different (you won't believe number 5)

Utter keech and yet I click on them all the time.

MJ said...

"Number Seven is Un-ba-LEEEEEEEEEEE-vable!!!!" -Gilbert Gottfried

ranger_lp said...

Hopefully he doesn't become a member of the 27 club...

Kevin said...

Curious, I keep reading comments regarding Yankee management having grudges against Andujar, Red Menace, Wade, etc on this site. What exactly are you guys referring to, and where does the information come from? IMHO, teams don't ordinarily work to devalue their prized "assets". Please enlighten me as to the hows and whys.....

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

Miggy has been my favorite player. On the NYYs, tho, it seems like he doesn't have a position. Can he play LF? I don't know. They apparently do not like him at 3B. And the DH position is already crowded.

Best thing for him would be a trade, I guess. But the team is not obligated to do the best thing for any of its players.

So I guess he'll be lurking around, the 5th-string third baseman and the 11th-string outfielder. It's painful to watch, if you started out liking the guy.

HoraceClarke66 said...

You have reached...The Cashman Conundrum!, Zach.

Sure, in retrospect that would have been a good trade, Sanchez and Andujar for Realmuto—and who knows if the Yanks could not have improved upon it? Maybe pick up a promising pitcher or some such, as well.

But yes, there would have been every possibility that Andujar and Sanchez would have turned it around somewhere else...

HoraceClarke66 said...

...Which leads me to Doug K's comments.

Yeah, Miggy certainly couldn't stay on the field, Doug. But WTF? Why does this ALWAYS happen with the Yankees of the past five years or so?

Are there early numbers inflated because of juicing? Is the training staff completely incompetent. WHAT??? I mean Miggy separated a shoulder, freak accident, bad accident. But then he has a wrist problem. And something else. All as a very young, very fit player.

This makes ZERO sense. And yet it goes on and on, and is never resolved. One player after another just falls by the wayside.

I've said it before and I'll say it again until somebody pays attention, dammit! It's the Yankees' mantra:

Everyone gets hurt. No one gets better.

Kevin said...

Could it be that the Yankees, over the course of say, a decade more or less as injured as other teams? It's very easy to crazy over injuries when the home town Boyz get dinged, but other teams get mowed down, sometimes we almost smirk. It still seems like we've been born under a bad sign.......