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Friday, November 19, 2021

Rule 5 Thread

From MLB Trade Rumors

"The Phillies have acquired right-hander Nick Nelson and catcher Donny Sands from the Yankees in exchange for minor league first baseman T.J. Rumfield and minor league lefty Joel Valdez, per announcements from both clubs.'

Also,  they’ve designated Clint Frazier, Rougned Odor and Tyler Wade for assignment.

Why Tyler Wade??????

That's 5 off the 40  man so far.

Update: They used the space to protect 

Oswaldo CabreraRon MarinaccioEverson PereiraStephen Ridings and JP Sears.


Scottish Yankee fan said...

Am I correct in saying we could still have 10? days to trade Wade

I am not suggesting he is a world beater or anything but you would think we could have gotten at least a lottery ticket from another team for him instead of just giving him away for nothing.

Clint I am sorry to see go I just hope he gets back to full health first of all and hopefully baseball soon

Doug K. said...

Yes they have 10 days.

Also they kept Britton who won't pitch next year but will be paid 14M. I guess they have insurance. Stinks though. I'd rather have the slot.

el duque said...

Tyler Wade is going to make some team very happy.

The Archangel said...

Yankee brass; 'We need to get younger and more athletic."

Yankee Brass. "Let DFA 26-yr. old Tyler Wade, the fastest player we have who can play anywhere but catcher."

Mr. Dumb meet Mr. Fuck.

As Casey Kassem used to say on ATF, the hit just keep coming.

Publius said...

Good for Wade. And Frazier. Perhaps they'll catch on with a well-run organization that knows how to manage its talent.

Barney said...

Rougnod Odor--one of Cashman's premier stupidities.

Pgpick said...

Tyler Wade just needs a full time shot.

Clint needs an organization that gives a shit.

Wishing them both the best.

Scottish Yankee fan said...

I wonder if someone will pick up Brian Keller on the rule 5 draft?

Ive been following him since he was drafted in the 39th round and hoped he would somehow make it to the majors

I know he isn't going to be a world beater at 27 but he seems to have gotten better each year and considering some of the nightmare bullpen appearances from certain players I don't see how he could have been any worse


ranger_lp said...

All these moves make too much sense...after the CBA gets settled, Yanks might move AnDUjar and Torres in a trade(s)...dead wood is starting to exit...FO has had a change of heart...hopefully we see younger players get their crack at the 25...

AboveAverage said...

"no comment until the time limit is up"

HoraceClarke66 said...

Yes, because everyone knows you get your best results in a trade by announcing that you now have to trade people by a certain time.

So they got rid of Velazquez for nothing, and now they'll get rid of Wade for next to nothing. Yep, who needs bench depth, terrific fielders, guys who can play a lot of positions well and maybe steal a base?

Not your New York Yankees!

HoraceClarke66 said...

The other deal is an absolute joke. Their best catching prospect—I'll grant you, not much of a prospect—and a sometime bullpen lug nut—I'll grant you, not much of a lug nut—versus a pitcher in the Rookie leagues, and T.R. Rumfield who is—take your choice, a kids' toy store or a cutesy singles bar from the 1970s?

Rumfield has 1, count 'em, 1 home run in 200 pro, plate appearances—and 7 in his entire college career.

A guy who can't hit home runs with an aluminum bats. Yay. What a deal!

The Archangel said...

I may have been too hasty.
Looking at Oswaldo Cabrera's stats from last season, I see that he played all of the infield positions and had 29 HRs and 31 2Bs. Plus, he is a switch hitter. He stole some bases too.
He turns 23 on March 1.
He compiled those stats at AA and some AAA. They may thing that he can fill Wade's spot as a younger and cheaper version, if not from April, then shortly thereafter.
I just presumed that they're being dumb. Silly me