Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Out of Left Field

Fun Game: Try to guess this former Yankee by his age, teams, and decidedly meh numbers:

Here's a hint:

Yes, it's former Yank Rob "Brigadoon" Refsnyder.

Here's why I'm bringing it up: It was reported today that Refsnyder will be reemerging as a Red Sock next year...didn't see that one coming....


JM said...

Et tu, Brigadoon?

ZacharyA said...

I was digging into Joey Gallo's numbers a bit this afternoon. Check out his 2021 season.

April 1 - June 19
.214/.373/.391 (.764 OPS) in 276 PA

June 20 - July 7
.346/.485/1.038 (1.523 OPS) in 66 PA

July 9 - Oct. 1
.150/.296/.389 (.685 OPS) in 274 PA

We all know he struggled with the Yankees, but the scariest thing here is that aside from a two-week stretch where he hit like Barry Bonds, Gallo had a below-average slugging percent for most of the year.


The one thing Gallo is supposed to do well.

Let's go back a bit further.

2020 Season
.181/.301/.378 (.679 OPS) in 226 PA

For about 93% of the last two years, Gallo has been a below-average slugger.

What happened to the .533 SLG he had from 2017 to 2019?

Am I the only one concerned here?