Wednesday, November 17, 2021

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Doug K. said...

Reposted from the other thread because it makes more sense here...

I hope they get Olsen. He's one of the starting infielders on my all Daily Planet Team.

1B Matt Olsen
2B Jeff Kent
SS Frank White
3B Jason Lane

And as long as I'm thinking about it let's add these players from the Justice Baseball League

Dick "Barry" Allen in Left
Jay "Bruce" Wayne in Right
Dianna "Prince" Fielder as the DH
and former Yankee Not so Great - Arthur "Curry" Ditmar P

Doug K. said...


I don't know why this picture is a big deal. Seems normal to me.

This is what happens when your batboy grows up.


I'm supposed to be focusing on writing something else this AM and clearly I don't want to.

el duque said...

Or the MCU...

Luke "Cage" Voit
Aaron Judge Dread
Chad Green Goblin
Wandy Vision Peralta

And in the booth, from DC...
John Flash Flaherty

Stang said...

SHOCK! Hal supports LOWER luxury tax threshold:

Doug K. said...

Verlander remaining with the Astros 25M for one year. What's the over under on starts?

The Archangel said...

Much like Ebenezer Scrooge, I have been shown my tombstone.
Hal has pronounced that he is in love with Cashman and Boone [See; NY Post] and doesn't anticipate any changes. Period.
We have no hope if we maintain our current cruise ship crew.

I am looking for a new pastime cuz this is like sitting on your porch waiting to die.
Any suggestions ?
P.S., I do own several thousand Marvel and Sgt. Rock and Easy Co. comics beginning in the '60s.Perhaps I will just re-read them.
P.P.S.S. , I was always taught to never use "P.S", but I was also taught to love the Yanks and look where that has gotten me during this century.

Doug K. said...


I suspect that between all of the readers of this blog we could have our own hall at Comic-Con.

I also suspect that your Marvel comics from the 60's hold up a lot better than my Jimmy Olsens and Lois Lanes from the same period.

Lois: Hmmm. Superman and Clark Kent are in the same room. There's no way they could be the same person.

She leaves.

Superman to Clark: That was close. Thank you.

Clark removes the rubber mask. Turns out he's actually President Kennedy doing Superman a favor.

Don't know where the Secret Service was, maybe having coffee. It goes a long way in explaining how Kennedy eventually got shot.

As to a finding a new pastime. Good luck with that - In season, baseball takes 3-4 hours a day plus time spent on sites like this. I'm pretty sure you said you already have a law degree. Pot farming?

If you don't want to reread your Marvels (Although, I recently reread the first battle between Dr. Strange and the guy with the Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial haircut and it was like watching a heavyweight championship fight.) I hear that Little Dot and Little Lotta had some wild adventures, maybe you could work your way through those.

It ain't easy.