Sunday, November 7, 2021

Ralph Nader: "The biggest surprise in this saga of a fallen baseball empire has been the reticence and the passivity of the Yankee fans who made the Bronx cheer a mark of their displeasure from the stands. They have been given losing teams shaped by failing management that also overcharges their fans. From their homes, bars and vehicles, they are treated as advertisement bait with the play-by-play of the game as a secondary consideration by the Yankee profiteers."

Dear Mr. Nader, 

I just finished your op-ed in Eurasia Review, flagged yesterday by our esteemed colleague and social scientist, Mustang. 

You, sir, are a Yankee fan. 

You are hereby invited to post about the Yankees, their greedy management, their enabling media and -yes - their docile fans on IT IS HIGH... any time you wish.

Any time you wish.

I realize you have other outlets, and Eurasia Review might even be a paying gig, which we cannot outbid. Still... do they want your views on Gary Sanchez? I don't think so. I can assure you that - here at IT IS HIGH - we would cherish your views on Gary. (Note: Not everyone will agree; most of the time, I can't even get a consensus from this unruly crowd.) 

Should the Yankees sign the showboating cheat, Carlos Correa? On one hand, they'd be continuing the failed policies of the last 12 years. On the other, he's the best free agent on the market, and what else should Hal do with his money, buy another boat?

What do you think?

Feel free to contact me at 

Your friend,

El Duque

P.S. I especially love your list of annoying in-game radio ads, which hold John and Suzyn hostage. I propose that we set up a March Madness set of brackets to vote on - and to determine - the most repulsive radio ads in modern Yankee history. 

Remember: When you write for Eurasia Review, you are safe and secure in knowing that most readers will not have a hard opinion on Gary Sanchez. But will your family be kept safe and secure under New York Life? 

Write me.


Dantes said...

Kars 4 Kids has to be an overwhelming 1st seed in any bracket

Platoni said...

Yeah, that shit is annoying. My kids keep krooning that krap. It's kreepy as hell

ranger_lp said...

Mr Nader said everything except demanding a recall on the New York Yankees...which is a defective product...

Publius said...

The Eurasia Review is a curious outlet for this kind of thing. Like Solzhnietsyn outwitting the censor by smuggling samizdat to the West. The censor, in this case, is the New York Times, that lifesfyle periodical for NYC and DC's unpiad interns from rich families, eighth year associates at second tier law firms who still think they have a shot to make partner, college educated suburban moms nostalgic for their eighteen mnth postgrad year as an unpaid intern in the big city a decade and a half ago, and liberal arts graduate students and faculty. Bitching about the radio ads was spot on, but Ralph's real triumph, beides high-end Cash bashing, was skewering the Grey Lady's preposterous decadence.

Stang (Short for Mustang) said...

I'm going to spend my Sunday afternoon memorizing Publius' description of the New York Times, and I don't wish to be disturbed.

Publius said...

The misspellings are an old camp trick to get by the censor. The eighteen month year is a happy accident.

Doug K. said...

I would like to hear a Kars 4 Kids tribute album. It could feature performances by:

The “My baloney has a first name it's O-S-C-A-R” Kid

The Frito Bandito.

The Chili’s “Baby Back Baby Back Baby Back Ribs" guy

The “Liberty. Liberty. Liberty… Liberty” Singers.

and other notables from the advertising jingle world.


A special guest performance by The Ricola Yodeler.

AND speaking of Yodelers!

If we act now! We can hear the Kars for Kids jingle sung by the highest selling musical act of all time, Slim Whitman.

And finally, as long as we are using people whose initials are SW...

How about a super special rendition by our own Susan Waldman?

The money from sales can go to… wait for it… The Kids!

HoraceClarke66 said...

Maybe the "Kids" remind him of his grandkids. Still, a stunning omission!

AboveAverage said...
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