Sunday, July 6, 2014

Back at .500.

Mark Feinsand wants Cashman to do "whatever it takes" to get Cliff Lee.

How can someone who supposedly knows baseball write such a thing?


Alvaro Espinoza said...

Mark Feinsand is an idiot.

Carlos said...

Just who is it that supposes that Mark Feinsand or most any daily sportswriter "knows baseball"?

John M said...

No goodbyes for Vidal Sassoon Nuno? No tears? No "sorry to see you go"?

I didn't think so. At least we got an older proven veteran for him. And Lee is even older...that means Cashman just might go all out to get him.

I see we have almost completely blown a 9-0 lead today. Naturally, the day we decide to score more than one run is the day the pitching staff goes on vacation.

9-7 now, and the bleeding continues with Robertson. Maybe Rocky Colavito is available as a free agent.

John M said...

Goodbye, Soriano. It was nice seeing you again, at least last year.

George said...

Cashman's recurrent signing and dropping of these washed-up antiquities should be reported to the New York State authorities as a form of elder abuse.