Monday, July 7, 2014

Where Are They Now?

CC is on the way to the operating room.

Dean Anna is in Pittsburgh.

Solarte is in Scranton.

Nuno is in Snakeland.

Soriano, who was batting only .221 with 6 HRs, is DFAed and taking a week's vacation before seeing what happens next.

Beltran, who is batting only .216 with 9 HRs, is at the bank cashing his paychecks, and will be for the next two and half years.

Wheeler is at third.

Sizemore is at third in Scranton batting .313.

Boston is in last place, at 39-49. This is not making me anywhere near as happy as it should.

The Yankees are in third, only 3 and a half out. This is not making me anywhere near as happy as it should.

Ichiro is in right field, batting .294 with an OBP of .351, just a tiny bit shy of Ellsbury's and Gardner's OBPs. He must be taking walks when nobody is looking.

Girardi is approaching Stengelese: "[Soriano's] struggles against right-handers have been pretty evident," Girardi said. "Defensively, Ichiro is better. It's kind of a catch-22."

Joe, when one guy is hitting more than 70 points than another guy and plays better defense, it's a no brainer, not a catch 22. If you don't believe me, ask Captain Yossarian.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous is in self-denial about his mental illness.

Charlie said...

Suzuki exceeds Soriano's WAR by 1.2 to soar to a whopping .7. Ichiro's OPS tops Soriano's by 50 points but still languishes at an abysmal .660. And you anguish over this choice of poisons?

Better stick with your Johnny Walker or whatever else you need to numb you to these grim realities.

Anonymous said...

El Duque needs to DFA John M.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh - a 12:13 am post from John M.? I can almost smell the Old Crow bourbon on his breath as I read this.

I see all his 'fans' are out supporting him on this fine post!

Anonymous said...

I love you like a brother, fellow Anonymi