Friday, June 2, 2017

How did we miss this?

Hat tip to Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside.


ranger_lp said...

I might be mistaken, but that sounds like Mr. Keys from the Mark Simone show of the same station back in the day...

Tom said...

I used to listen. I think WMCA had the Yankees, or maybe it was WHN but WMCA was the first to go with a talk format. In any case, Sterling was abrasive, not good at handling people even if they agreed with him. Much the way that he talks over the newspaper reporter during the Daily News/NY Post fifth inning, he just isn't into the give and take of conversation. And since he had recently come up from Baltimore, he talked about the Bullets too much. Can't remember if he already had Atlanta on his resume, but if he did, then I'm sure he overshared about that, too.

Radio play-by-play definitely suits him better, especially when he has a subservient partner. When they were John's side men on the radio, Michael Kay and Charlie Whathisname now with the Dodgers were too ambitious, and I felt that Sterling tried to ignore them as much as possible. He seems happier with Suzyn.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

I'd take Steiner over Suzyn any day.

I actually get a decent feed today as the game is on MLB channel.

The master's overlay will make it a twofer.

Tom said...

the home run calls today during the 8th inning were delightful. I didn't commit them all to memory but my wife and i were in the car and we enjoyed:
It's a Gardy party
Happy Holliday, happy Holliday! Matt's got bat
Star light, star bright, Starlin ...
Gregorious makes Yankee fans euphorious

It's pretty amazing that this corny stuff is the backdrop for the No. 1 most valuable franchises in baseball in the top media market. But I've gown to enjoy it quite a bit.

Finally, I hope the Blue Jays hang onto Jason Grilli. He seems useful ... to the Yankees.